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RGL Victor The Great
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• 12/1/2014

Featured Article for January 2015

The Lala Monthly for Featured Articles on its debut, is hosted by Suzette La Sweet and edited by RGL Victor.

Nominee #1

Forest Evergreen doll - large core Forest Evergreen

  • RGL Victor The Great nominates and supports (+1)

Nominee #2

Confetti Carnival Confetti Carnivale

  • Mistyemberandbea nominates and supports (+1)
  • RGL Victor The Great opposes (-1)

Nominee #3

SirBattlescarred Sir Battlescarred

  • Lenneh nominates and supports (+1)

Nominee #4


Nominee #5



  • Anyone can nominate and can only nominate once.
    • Once nominated is automatically a one support vote from the user.
  • Nomination is a first come, first serve basis.
  • Post the name+link of the page, or the image or the video.
  • An indicator template will be placed to a nominee.
  • Expressing your reasons of why you nominated such article, image, or video is optional.


  • A user can only support once and oppose once.
    • If supported/opposed twice or more, the first vote shall count and the other(s) has no effect.
  • Nominee must be nominated first before voted.
    • If there is no vacant post, then your nomination is automatically null and void. However, you are still allowed to vote a nominee.
    • If a user is nominating an already nominee, nomination is automatically null and void and has no effect.
  • Type in either {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} plus "nominee #".
  • In case a vote has been made to a nominee that vote is the vote for that said nominee, no matter the changes, even if the user changes his/her mind of changing the vote.
  • Anonymous votes shall not count.
  • Voting ends at exactly 23:59 (UTC) on the last day of the month.


  • The Nominee with the highest points becomes the Featured Article, Image or Video of the Month.
  • If resulted by a tie, the leading nominees shall face-off in a week-long tiebreaker voting and the rest are automatically eliminated.

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RGL Victor The Great
• 12/1/2014

I nominate Forest Evergreen.

He's the Jack of all trades, a master of some and a generalist to many. He's not just a lumberjack, he's also a woodcraftsman, a builder, a carpenter and the leader of the Timber Rangers.

Not to mention, he has his most trusted companion: Beaver. He's quite talented, competent with tasks, outperforming to the maximum, a true romantic when it comes to love (which is a rare trait among pets) and a great helper to many.

They're more than special, they're unique!

He and Beaver deserve the attention.

• 12/24/2014

I nonimate Confetti Carnivale .

Not because she is my favorite Lalaloopsy but because she is a great master in disquise. A party-goer and someone to talk to! Mischevious, silly, party girl. She is sew cute in her mask as well.

This is the reason why I nominate Confetti.

• 12/24/2014

i nominate sir 

hes so underrated n people sayin they wish him and lady were sold seperately because they dont like sir 

sir does his best even tho his scared of everything and he saves everyone no matter how small their troubles are 

sirs dragon has swag and blows bubbles

i not only nominate sir for featured loopsy i nominate him for president 2k15

this has been lenneh telling you of sirs greatness

• 12/24/2014

I nominate Confetti because she is a fun child and definitely the one to hang around. The children can confide in her, and she will work her hardest to put on a fun party. 

• 12/24/2014
GTessari5829 wrote:
I nominate Confetti because she is a fun child and definitely the one to hang around. The children can confide in her, and she will work her hardest to put on a fun party. 

She is already nominated by Mistyemberandbea. (nomination is null)

• 12/31/2014

Votes are up! Any votes on and after 23:59 are null.