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• 2/12/2015

Inaugurating the Spanish Wiki


I proclaim the rebirth of the Spanish Wiki by the will and determination who have desired of its reinstatement. Its liberation calls upon to the future examplars, guardians and defenders to cherish and love it more or as we (the English) did. May it prosper with the current and the future it has ahead.

RGL sigi 1 RGL Victor (talk) ♪ ♫ ♬ RGL sigi 2 23:10, February 12, 2015 (UTC)


Everyone, the Spanish Wiki has now been re-opened!

As of now, I am currently handling the bureaucracy providing aid (as possible as I can) to its newly reborn potential. I won't be there for long and will be looking forward to people who are willing to handle the wiki independently when I step down.

See: The Search for 3 Admins

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• 2/14/2015
I am working for the Polish Wiki now. How do I adopt this wiki?
• 2/14/2015

By the way, I use Google Translate to make English lalaloopsy stuff into polish for the Polish Lalaloopsy Wiki.

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