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RGL Victor The Great
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• 9/1/2015

[Recount] Featured Article for September 2015

Suzette La Sweet is back, together again with Mimi La Sweet and here's what they're gonna say, you know the words: Recount! Recount!

Nominee #1

Gem loopsy 2

Bijou Treasure Trove

Nominee #2

533627 1

Peppy Pom Poms


  • Type in either {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} plus "YOUR NOMINEE".
  • A user can only support once and oppose once.
  • If supported/opposed twice or more, the first vote shall count and the other(s) has no effect.
  • In case a vote has been made to a nominee that vote is the vote for that said nominee, no matter the changes, even if the user changes his/her mind of changing the vote.
  • Anonymous votes shall not count.
  • Voting ends after 7 days on exact time when recount started.


  • The Nominee with the highest points becomes the Featured Article, Image or Video of the Month.
  • If resulted by a tie (again), tied nominees shall become the Featured Article, Image or Video of the Month.

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RGL Victor The Great
• 9/2/2015


Support — "Bijou Treasure Trove"
• 9/3/2015

My apologies, Peppy, but Bijou deserves the rightful throne. Despite the fact that one part of her personality kind of feels like a rehash of Bea's (I assume, due to the TV show), She captures my word due to her allure, including the fact that I like the color blue and sapphires, her personality, and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

• 9/8/2015

Votes are up! Any votes on and after 23:59 are null.