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A Ruff Rescue is one of the exclusive Nick Jr. webisodes for the Lalaloopsy™ TV Series.


Ember Flicker Flame gets disappointed when nobody is in need of rescuing.


The episode starts when Dalmatian smells smoke.  Ember follows him to the source and leaps through Berry’s window to save her from the fire.  As it turns out, Berry has only burned some toast, causing the smoke that they both smelled.  Ember seems disappointed that there’s no one to rescue and heads out to search for others in danger.

Later, Ember and Dalmatian see Spot next to a large hole in the ground.  Afraid that Spot is going to fall, Ember leaps to her and grabs her leg.  Spot reassures Ember that she’s not in danger, and tells her that the hole is just a very realistic painting.  Ember compliments her work but moves on in her search.

Just when Ember and Dalmatian are about to go home, she hears Blossom in distress. Blossom’s flowers are wilting in the heat and she has run out of water.  Ember is excited that she finally gets to help someone and she runs home to get her hose.  She pulls it across Lalaloopsy Land and waters Blossom’s flowers just in time.  Blossom thanks her, and Ember and Dalmatian return home to relax and play in the sprinkler.


Ember:  Don’t worry Berry, I’ll save you!

Berry:  Nice to see you Ember, but wouldn’t it have been easier to come in through the door?

Ember:  No time for doors!






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