[The episode begins at Ace's Garage where Ace is working on a go kart]

Ace: I just need to attach this whirry-whoosh to this ratchety chain, and tighten this luganoodle. Okay, Monkey, it's ready for a test ride.

[The go kart breaks]

Ace: Huh? Oh, well. Back to the drawing board. Maybe if I attach this twirly-whirly to the wingy dingy...

[telephone rings]

Ace: [gets up as Monkey hands him the phone and then he answers the phone] Hello? Oh, hi, Tippy! I can't wait to see your your big ballet show tonight.

Tippy: That's exactly why i'm calling, Ace. I wonder if you could stop by [twirls around] and take a look at my gramophone.

Ace: Why? Is it broken?

Tippy: Uh, no, no. It's just fine, but i'm hoping you can tune it up, so it's in tip-top shape to play music when I dance to Swan in the Pond tonight.

Ace: [voice in phone] Sure, Tippy. I'll be right over.

Tippy: Thank you, Ace! That's tutu kind of you. [twirls around] Whoa!

[Back at Ace's garage Ace is gathering up his tools]

Ace: Monkey, we're off to Tippy's to lend a hand.

Monkey: [packs the tools in the toolbox]

Ace: [puts the tools in the toolbox but lands on Monkey by accident]

Monkey: [mad chatters]

Ace: Ready to help me give her gramophone a tune-up so it would sound better?

Monkey: [squeaks]

Ace: [grabs the toolbox and heads to Tippy's stage]

[The scene cuts to Tippy's stage]

Tippy: I need it to be nice and loud [twirls around] so everyone in the audience will be able to hear it.

Ace: Sure thing, Tippy!

[waltz playing]

Tippy: Well?

Ace: Don't worry. After I give it a little tune-up, your gramophone will sound louder and better for the performance tonight.

Tippy: Oh thanks. [twirls around again] What could be better than better?

Ace: Okay let's see here.

Tippy: Well, I'll let you do your magic, Ace. [hops] Swan and I will be practicing our ballet.

Ace: This shouldn't take long at all.

Monkey: [nods, gets shocked and squeals]

[Scene cuts to Ember's Firestation]

Dalmatian: [panting]

Ember: [sighs] It's a hot one today, Dalmatian.

[alarm ringing]

Ember: And it's getting hotter, which means plants could wilt, or our friends or their pets could get thirsty. You and I need to be on the alert in case anyone or anything needs our help. [pulls out a map] Fortunately, I placed fire hydrants everywhere, so we have water wherever we need it.

Dalmatian: [barks] [looks] [barks] [growls and sees a tree wilted]

Ember: Good spotting, Dalmatian. That tree definitely needs a drink. I'll get the hose. The hydrants are connected to all the water flowing through Lalaloopsy Land, so we should have plenty of water to cool things off. Dalmatian, turn on the hydrant.

Dalmatian: [barks and turns on the hydrant]

Ember: [waters the tree with the hose and then gives Dalmatian a thumbs up]

Dalmatian: [turns off the hydrant]

Ember: [giggles and sprays with the hose]

[The scene cuts back to Tippy's stage where Ace is fixing the gramophone]

[tool ratcheting]

Ace: [wipes the sweat off his head] Take that and that and that and that and that. Hmm.

Monkey: [chattering]

Ace: Monkey, I know what we have to do: Put some parts back into the gramophone.

[The gramophone horn falls on Monkey and Ace takes it off her]

Ace: But we'll put them back better than they were before.

[Ace then puts the gramophone back together by putting the horn on the top]

Ace: Okay, now just hand me that thingamabobby.

[Monkey hands Ace the thingamabobby and Ace screws the horn back in place on the gramophone and then he ajusts the horn]

Tippy: Wow, you're working so hard, Ace. So can we hear some music?

Ace: You betcha. Let's give it a try.

[gramophone handle crackling]

Tippy: I don't hear anything.

Ace: Yet. I'm still working on it. Whatchamadoodle.

Tippy: I know you'll figure it out, Ace. I'll just be over here practicing.

Ace: This one goes here.

[Cut to a scene where Spot's Zebra is taking a nap and then suddenly gets sprayed with water]

[harp music]

[faucet handle squeaking]

Ember: [watering a bush] Good thing I put another fire hydrant here outside Spot's house.

Dalmatian: [barks, turns off the hydrant and jumps in Ember's arms]

Ember: Okay Dalmatian. Let's go help more thirsty plants and pets and friends.

[Scene cuts back to Tippy's house]

Tippy: practices ballet on the stage]

Ace: If we switch the switch with the turner-upper and make sure the tweedle is tight, the gramophone should play better than ever.

Monkey: [nods and chatters]

Ace: [screws the horn on the top]

Tippy: It would be great to have some music to practice to.

Ace: You will very soon, Tippy.

Tippy: What about all these parts, Ace? Don't you need them for the gramophone to work?

Ace: Nah, not if you're a master mechanic like myself. Okay, let's try it out. Tippy?

Tippy: [cranks the handle]

[music faltering and blaring]

Tippy: That's going to be really hard to dance to.

[The handle falls out]

Ace: Don't worry. [picks up the handle] There's still plenty of time till the performance tonight. You'll definitely have music by then, Tippy.

Tippy: When you say "music," You mean my ballet music, right, Ace? Not those screechy sounds.

Ace: I guess the tweedle wasn't tight enough. [puts the handle back in place] Don't worry. I'll take care of it. See? No problem.

Tippy: [walks away]

[the handle falls off and Money hands it to Ace]

Ace: [puts the handle back in place again]

[The handle flies off again]

Ace: Huh?


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