Anchors Away is the first short episode by Nick for iTunes and now a webisode of the Official Lalaloopsy YouTube channel.


Marina Anchors and Patch Treasurechest piece together clues on a map they find drifting in the sea.


Marina and Patch found a message in a bottle with colored pebbles. Patch and Marina sailed to another island where they found Spot. Patch knew why the Island with colorful pebbles is not on his map, because Spot just finished painting it. Marina found another clue inside a coconut. They sailed again to find another clue. Marina tripped because of a seashell. Patch found the last clue inside that seashell. When they assembled all the pieces they found out the one who sent them was just Parrot and Whale.




  • Of all the episodes, this has the second fewest characters, the first being What a Dive.
  • Marina and Patch's boat is just a bathtub in this episode.



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