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April Sunsplash is Lalaloopsy Land's rainy enthusiast. She is a very optimistic and energetic girl who loves everything about springtime! April is bright and happy, and she can usually be found playing in the rain. She has a very positive view of the world and her personality shines brighter than the sun! After a rainy day, when you see a rainbow in the sky, that's when her true colors really shine through... brightly! Her name is based off of the month where it rains quite often as well as a sunny day.

About April


April is a light brown-skinned girl with black eyes. She has yellow, gold, red, and neon-purple colored hair worn on a side ponytail with a red bow and headband. Her bangs curl just a bit but stay out of her face. Her cheeks are bright-pale pink.

April wears a cute sleeveless pink top with a dark pink neck attached to a translucent, smooth material with orange lining, matching her thin orange belt on the top of her umbrella shaped skirt with each segment a color of the rainbow. She also wears purple pantyhose with lighter purple polka dots and black and blue striped leggings. Her shoes resemble soft-green rain boots with white on the tips of her shoes and neon-purple straps.


April's pet is a pink toucan. There is a yellow stripe before its red beak, and the tip of its beak is pink.


April Sunsplash full poster.png

Her home is a yellow house with a red roof, multicolored slats, a multicolored lower roof, and a rainbow umbrella at the top. The path to her house is a trail of puddles.


  • April 3rd is Find a Rainbow Day.
  • She shares her birthday with Streamers Carnivale.
  • April is the first (and so far only) Lalaloopsy with a side ponytail.
  • Her name was originally April Sunshine before MGA changed it, as there was already a Lalaloopsy with that last name, Sprouts Sunshine.
  • She is often seen wearing red heart sunglasses as her mini and Girls dolls sport them.
  • In her poster, her hair, cheeks, and Toucan's beak appear to be darker.
  • April and Scoops Waffle Cone are the first to get Silly Hairs with multiple hair colors in the 10th Anniversary.