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AngieLoveNCare AngieLoveNCare 8 days ago


Hi everybody, soo I'm kinda new to all this wiki stuff so if you could help me out I'd highly appreciate it!

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 27 days ago

Some things I hate

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 7 April

Introducing... the ULTRA LALALOOPSY!

Here's a post based on an idea that's been rolling around in my head ever since I last got into Lalaloopsy. (And that was early 2020. Wow!) I got to thinking, what if each of the Lalaloopsy girls somehow acquired amazing superpowers? It just worked out for me - the Lalaloopsy would make a great superhero/magical girl team because they have colorful outfits and hair, but more importantly, they have varying interests and personalities, each with a kind heart underneath. The perfect fit! What you're about to read is a list of each Lalaloopsy, a list of powers that would suit them, how they got their powers, their transformation and introduction quotes, and other sources that inspired me. For example, this whole thing here was inspired by Devi…

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 29 March

Witch Way is Sesame Street?

There's something about Sesame Street that the fan community is all abuzz about. No, in this case I'm not talking about the Elmo versus Rocco feud - I'm talking about Episode 847. Yes, that's the episode that couldn't air because it was too scary. It famously guest-starred Margaret Hamilton in her Wicked Witch of the West persona from the movie The Wizard of Oz. Her green skin (in the color version) and wicked tendencies shook up child viewers, and the fact that it continued the stereotype that witches are evil and grotesque didn't help. But it did get me thinking: what if that plot was redone with different characters? What if Sesame Street showed the concept of witches in a new, nicer light by introducing a sweet and kind witch? Well, it'…

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 13 March

Lala-Oopsies 3: The Magic Returns (PART 2)

(NOTE: This is a continuation of part 1 of the story, which itself is a continuation of a story by ILoveTheTalkingClock. Both parts of my story are on this wiki but ILoveTheTalkingClock's story is on DeviantArt. I don't want to provide the link for that one because the story's kinda... bloody. This one isn't, except in references to that story.)

My "short break" had gone on for so long that I had forgotten what I was taking a break from. I had gotten up to eat a small snack, then I ran outside to play on my backyard trampoline. Now it was sixteen minutes later, and here I was, exhausted, trying to remember what this break was for. I got off the trampoline, went inside, and entered my bedroom to discover that on my bed were my portable disc …

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 8 March

Lala-Oopsies 3: The Magic Returns

(This is a sequel to ILoveTheTalkingClock’s fanmade story, “A Not-Sew-Magical Sequel (LALALOOPSY CREEPYPASTA)”. You can check it out on DeviantArt. I’m not sure if they’ll allow me to put the link here because that story’s kinda bloody. Also, this is NOT based on any true stories. Everything I do in this story is fictional.)

After reading about that strange Lalaloopsy DVD that featured creepy stuff and characters actually dying, I was, to say the least, weirded out. I wasn’t too sad that seven-eighths of the cast perished (actually I was very sad, but I knew it was all fictional), but I had lots of questions: why the heck did they make that? Could dolls really bleed or be infected? And did people KNOW about this? Surely, if word got out abo…

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ILovetheTalkingClock ILovetheTalkingClock 9 January

Recurring Customer (Story)

Author's Note: Others were making stories as blog posts, so why not contribute? Been a while since I've been active here. Lots of things have changed. Anyway here's the story. Sorry it's short, and it's my first attempt at a twist ending.

Jewel Sparkles had one arrival to her home today.

She was not surprised to see who it was. They were a common occurrence to her. She was still happy to see her, as she was one of her close friends, and she often came so Jewel could do something she enjoyed regardless.

Jewel could only smile at the guest.

"Busy night, Pillow?"

"Very busy. Even when it's just three, leading a group can be..."

She let out a yawn.

"...tiring. Especially since Scarlet, Cherie, and I have very contrasting personalities."

Pillow Feather…

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ChocoMallowAngel ChocoMallowAngel 24 October 2021


Hi, I’m ChocoMallowAngel, aka Sophia. I was an editor here, and now I’m back. I hope I can go back to fitting into this wiki.

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 4 October 2021

List of Ideas for pages

  • Lalaloopsy: Carnival of Friends/walkthrough
  • Lalaloopsy: Carnival of Friends/transcript

That's all I've got

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 13 September 2021

Multi- A Lalaloopsy Au!

Multi Characters: (Forest and Storm E.)

  1. Dark Enchantress Storm E. - A powerful Storm E from a destroyed timeline. Is obsessed with Classic Forest, and will stop at nothing to get him. (And any other Forest)
  2. Kemono Forest- Basically Bear Forest. Looks sleepy all the time, but has a terrible temper.
  3. Neko Forest- A scruffy stray cat Forest. Kinda shy, but loves a good fish sandwich.
  4. Ghost Forest - Quiet and polite. Hasn't moved on, and haunts the woods where he died.
  5. Faun Forest- Enjoys peace and quiet, and making wood carvings. Surprisingly, has sharp teeth (despite being half-goat).
  6. Mayor Storm E.- Mayor of Storm E. Town. Loves Neko Forest.

A few things to note about Faun Forest:

  1. Unlike most Forests, Faun is pretty rude, sarcastic, and harsh.
  2. He is …

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 20 August 2021


A list of Lalaloopsies missing and other things in the Characters Pages, in case I forget or someone else wants to do it.

  • Bubbles is missing
  • Cake's image should be updated
  • Dotty's image should be updated
  • Keys is missing
  • Peppy's image should be updated
  • Scoops is missing
  • Strings is missing
  • Sugar is missing
  • Tress is missing
  • Water's description could be better.
  • Whimsy is missing

  • Lucky's image should be updated
  • Surprise is missing

  • Lolly is missing
  • Mimi's image should be updated
  • Rain E. is missing
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The melted panda The melted panda 15 August 2021

Tomorrow I’m getting a 10th anniversary doll for lalaloopsy to commemorate these sew magical years

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 12 August 2021

Lalaloospy OC's

  • 1 Iron Ore 'N' Smelt
  • 2 About Iron
  • 3 Pet
  • 4 Lavender Petal Stem
  • 5 About Lavender
  • 6 Pet
  • 7 Dragon Smolder 'N' Blaze
  • 8 About Dragon
  • 9 Pet

Iron Ore 'N' Smelt is Lalaloopsy Land's very own miner! He's a hardworking excavator, constantly digging tunnels, and covered in dirt. He has a fascination with rare gems and ores, iron ore in particular.

Iron Ore 'N' Smelt is a pale-skinned boy, with rosy pink cheeks, and light blue eyes. His white bowl-cut is covered by a miner's hat, and he is dressed in mining attire, consisting of black shirt, blue overalls, and black work boots. Due to his career, he is often covered in dirt and coal dust.

Personality: Down to Earth
Sewn on: April 4th
Sewn from: A miner's hat and pickax
Affiliation: Lalaloopsy Mining Organization.

Iron h…

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 7 August 2021

A Terrible Monster

A Terrible Monster- Pt.1

"Ace! Come outside!" Spot shouted, knocking on the door, causing it to slowly open. "Strange..." She thought to herself, stepping inside. The house was pitch black, and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she came across a room, its door closed. She walked toward it, dread welling up inside her. She opened it, the door creaking loudly, causing Ace to lift his head. Blood dripped from his mouth and hands, with bloody smears on the floor. "A-Ace...?" She took a step toward him, hand outstretched. Ace hissed, revealing a mouth full of bloody sharp teeth. Spot screamed, as Ace rushed at her. She left the room, slamming the door behind her. The door rattled as Ace banged on the door from the other side. Thinking quickly…

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 7 August 2021

A Most Dangerous Quest

A Most Dangerous Quest- Prologue

Spot, Ace, Forest, and Storm E. sat around Dot's table, studying a very peculiar map. "It's like the further west, and north you go," Ace pointed at the map, his brow furrowed. "The fewer details and locations are marked on the map." Spot nodded. "Yeah, the map's virtually blank over here." She pointed at the north-western most part of the map. "Found the book!" Everyone turned to look at Dot, who was carrying a large tome. She slammed it on the table with a heavy thud. "The reason why the map is blank in that area," She said, flipping through the pages, landing on an identical picture. "Is because no one has ever explored those areas." She stated, matter-of-fact. "I've got it!" Ace stood up suddenly, the le…

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 4 August 2021

Webisodes in higher resolution

Several of the compilation videos that are on the YouTube Channel have higher resolution videos of the original webisodes. For some strange reason webisodes that are originally 360p have no music, and only have audio of the voice lines.

  • 1 Jewel Sparkles' Un-Birthday Party
    • 1.1 Original Resolution (480p)
    • 1.2 Higher Resolution (1080p)
  • 2 Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff Wants a Snow Day
    • 2.1 Original Resolution (480p)
    • 2.2 Higher Resolution (1080p)
  • 3 Peanut Big Top Learns to Ride the Unicycle
    • 3.1 Original Resolution (360p)
    • 3.2 Higher Resolution (1080p)
  • 4 Pillow Featherbed Up All Night
    • 4.1 Original Resolution (360p)
    • 4.2 Higher Resolution (1080p)
  • 5 Bea Spells-a-Lot and the Pet Talent Show
    • 5.1 Original Resolution (360p)
    • 5.2 Higher Resolution (1080p)
  • 6 It's A Wrap
    • 6.1 Original Resolution (72…

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 2 August 2021

Lalaloopsy Land Flag

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 1 August 2021

S.E.W Labs

S.E.W Labs- Prologue

"The Subjects are nearly matured," The Doll-maker murmured, resting her hand on one of pods, containing a sleeping Subject inside. "Yes, these Subjects will be perfect." The Doctor commented, standing beside the Doll-maker. She nodded. "They will serve their purposes well..." The Doctor continued, walking away from the pod. The Doll-maker moved her hand away from the pod, revealing the Subjects sleeping face. She smiled, a name coming to mind. "Your name," She whispered, smiling softly. "Will be Jewel."

S.E.W Labs- Pt.1

"Alright Forest," The Doctor said, speaking through the microphone into the testing chamber. "We'll be testing your..." He picked up Forest's file, flipping through it. "Strength, and how much force you c…

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 1 August 2021

Into the Maze

Into the Maze- Pt.1

"This way guys. Follow me." Forest led the group into the maze, sticking close to the wall of the maze. The maze was dark and made of stone, with cracks in the walls, and floor. Storm E. frowned, the eerie atmosphere of the maze creeping her out. "Let's hurry up and get out of this place," She said, crossing her arms. "I don't like it here, it's unnerving." Ace nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I gotta agree with Storm here," He said, bringing up the rear of the group. "This place is giving me the creeps." Forest ran his hand along the wall, feeling a lever. "A lever!" He pulled it, and in the distance, the faint sound of a stone door lifting was heard. "Come on guys, let's go!" The group picked up pace, running in the directi…

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 27 July 2021

The Wellspring

Dot was observing the night sky like every other night to find some exciting new discoveries out in space. It was just then when she spotted some kind of dark spot, a cosmic void that seems to emit no light at all. Dot was at first confused on how there could be "nothing" in space. Whatever questions she had, they were quickly replaced by joy, having found a new discovery.

"Wow! Look at that Bird, I've never seen anything like it!" Dot says gleefully "Wait until Bea hears about this." Dot then heads to Bea's house to find some books about this discovery.

Bea is wide awake to hear about Dot's discovery, Dot tells her about a new discovery of a "dark spot" in space. Bea then goes through her library to find any relevant books.

"Black Spots in W…

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 26 July 2021

The Isolation Project

The Isolation Project- Pt.1

Day #1

Dot asked me to start writing in this notebook. For "documenting this project," or something. So, Dot's launching this project, where all of us stay in the same area. Dot's created some drones to give us rations every day. She's so cool! She's also generated an electrical field over and around the remote area. We're all located in a cool wooded area, with a small creek running through it, so we have water. There are also some berry bushes. Well, I've gotta go. Everyone's splitting up into small groups. I'm going with Dot!


The Isolation Project- Pt.2

Day #2

Forest and I cleared a path through the wooded area, so we don't have to walk through thorn bushes. Good thing too, Rosy would've run out of band-aids o…

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 22 July 2021

The Monster with His Face (All Parts)

The Monster with His Face- Pt.1 (We're Lalaloopsy)

"The constellations are so bright tonight! Wouldn't you say so Bird?" Dot murmured, stepping away from the telescope to chart them down. Bird chirped in reply, landing on Dot's shoulder. Their peaceful night was suddenly interrupted by frantic knocking downstairs. "Hold on, I'll be right there!" She shouted, stepping back from the telescope, and quickly running downstairs. She opened the door. "Ace!" She smiled, and paused. "Ace? What's wron-" Ace pushed past her, grabbing her hand. Once they were both inside, he quickly closed the door. "Ace, what's the matter?" Dot asked, watching him look out of the windows. "You look like you've seen a ghost!" Ace looked at her, a frightened look in his…

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 12 July 2021

Archived Page: "List of Lalaloopsy Slang"

A deleted page, posted here. I really hope some of these terms don't become popular, especially "sewbro."

W.I.P, Please bear with us to get this page done!

Lalaloopsy Slang are slang words related to the Lalaloopsy brand. These tend to be used by parents. Here is a list of them.

Lala Moms/Mums - Mothers who have children who are Lalaloopsy fans.

Lala/Lalas - Short for Lalaloopsy. Normally used when referring to dolls.

Big Lalaloopsy - Short for Full Size Lalaloopsy dolls.

Sewists/Sewbros - Males that like Lalaloopsy.

Loopsies - Also short for the lalaloopsies.

Sew - A play on "So" (Sew Cute, Sew Cool, etc)

Lalalovely - Lovely. Often used in commercials or advertising material for the dolls.

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 9 July 2021

Some Lalaloopsy Headcanons and FanFic Ideas

Headcanon: I think Sir Battlescarred teaches the Littles archery. I'm pretty sure Sir, Forest, and Ace, could handle themselves in a fight.

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Peachyplanet Peachyplanet 30 June 2021

selling mini lala’s!

I’m selling some of my lalaloopsys on eBay! I will put the link if anyone is interested! ❤️

currently selling:

— first wave jewel (complete)

— first wave pillow (complete)

— spot paints purple (complete)

— marina silly funhouse edition (complete)

— pepper’s midnight snack (incomplete)

— bubbles smack n pop (incomplete)

— peanut sew sleepy (complete)

— scoops waffle cone x2 (incomplete)


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Phoenix Electron Phoenix Electron 24 June 2021

My first blog post

Wanna know why there is pictures of rare Lalaloopsy stuff, thank me.

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FIREPUP15 FIREPUP15 23 June 2021


Hi. This wiki is cool.

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 23 June 2021

Archived Blog: "The real reason the Nick Jr. show got cancelled"

A blog post from ZeDreamyPianist, transcribing a post on the NickALive blog (Which I have archived on It has been Reposted here as I feel this is something most people should know, as to why ZeDreamyPianist wanted this post deleted is beyond me.

Link to NickALive post on Wayback Machine:

I haven;t been active on this wiki, and thats because I've grown out of Lalaloopsies. However, I returned just to share the reason why Nick Jr canned Lalaloopsy and erased it from their website.

Viacom has…

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 14 June 2021

Final Draft

Lalaloopsy Land Wiki:Character Format Example

Here's the final draft (final draft meaning the Nick Jr. Series is done), any last minute additions or removals before it's up? I think it still looks pretty messy, but it displays accurate information and that's all that matters. Maybe you have a better looking version, feel free to share it. You are allowed to fully edit it. The page will be up on June 20, 2021, after that, it will be how all Animation pages should look like.

  • Dot's dislikes: I don't know what Dot dislikes, I heard "misinformation" in one episode but it's not in any other episode.
  • Adding image tabs to the infobox (I don't know how to do that).
  • A longer overview description. (The very top of the page)
  • More quotes.
  • More trivia.

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LalaloopsyFan6 LalaloopsyFan6 20 May 2021

Lalaloopsy history

I have no word for that blog post.

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ClownNikolai ClownNikolai 10 May 2021

Obscure Lalaloopsy media

Hi! I'm looking for obscure/lost Lalaloopsy media. I want to start making videos about Lalaloopsy maybe, and I think it'd be interesting to go over this! Media includes videos, games, toys, etc.

Suggestions with lots of information is appreciated!

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 21 April 2021

Achievements are stupid

Please disregard this post, I still however stand with what I said.

All they do is encourage competition instead of cooperation, competition really shouldn't be a thing on a wiki. Also all the achievements boil down to "How much did you do?" instead of "What did you do?" Meaning someone could be ranked number one in the stupid leaderboard for doing minor edits that add nothing to the page, and that person would be recognized more, instead of the people who actually add new information to pages and improve this wiki.

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 21 April 2021

New Animation Format

  • 1 [Character]/Animation
    • 1.1 Personality
      • 1.1.1 Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The Search for Pillow
      • 1.1.2 Nick Jr. Series
    • 1.2 History
      • 1.2.1 Webisodes (1-5)
      • 1.2.2 Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The Search for Pillow
      • 1.2.3 Webisodes (6-13)
      • 1.2.4 Nick Jr Series
      • 1.2.5 Movies
      • 1.2.6 Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to L.A.L.A. Prep School
      • 1.2.7 LOL-Palooza
      • 1.2.8 Netflix Series
    • 1.4 Relationships
    • 1.5 Trivia

The first section of the article should be a short description of the character is and what they do.

This is where a description of the character's personality should be, it can be described in as much detail as needed. Do note that if a character's personality is very different between each piece of media, it should be in different sections. Here is an example:

In Search for…

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Thirteen States Thirteen States 20 April 2021

Lalaloopsy Characters that appear in order

A list of Characters as they appear in order (In digital video media, this list doesn't include the Lalaloopsy Girls movie).

  1. Jewel Sparkles (Jewel Sparkles Un-birthday Party)
  2. Dot Starlight (Jewel Sparkles Un-birthday Party)
  3. Crumbs Sugarcookie (Jewel Sparkles Un-birthday Party)
  4. Peanut Big Top (Jewel Sparkles Un-birthday Party)
  5. Bea Spells-a-lot (Jewel Sparkles Un-birthday Party)
  6. Pillow Featherbed (Jewel Sparkles Un-birthday Party)
  7. Mittens Fluff N' Stuff (Jewel Sparkles Un-birthday Party)
  8. Spot Splatter Splash (Mittens wants a snow day)
  9. Specs Reads-a-lot (The Search for Pillow)
  10. Sprinkle Spice Cookie (The Search for Pillow)
  11. Bundles Snuggle Stuff (The Search for Pillow)
  12. Rosy Bumps and Bruises (The Search for Pillow)
  13. Squirt Lil' Top (The Search for Pillow)
  14. Holly Sleighbell…
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MiaColeman6 MiaColeman6 5 April 2021

The History Of Lalaloopsy

This is the history of Lalaloopsy. It was first shown back in July 2010, originally changed from Bitty Buttons. But later, it was changed to Lalaloopsy. The first characters were Bea Spells-A-Lot, Pillow Featherbed, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff, Jewel Sparkles, Spot Splatter Splash, and Dot Starlight. Later, the second generation was first released before 2011 came. Then the next generation was Blossom Flowerpot, Ace Fender Bender, Forest Evergreen, Sunny Side Up, Berry Jars N’ Jam, Ember Flicker Flame, Marina Anchors, and Rosy Bumps N’ Bruises. So, that’s why the history of Lalaloopsy went from 2010 to 2018.

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MiaColeman687 MiaColeman687 20 March 2021

Ideas for Lalaloopsy 8th Generation

Hey Guys, So, I have a plan for the Lalaloopsy next generation. This time, I’m gonna do some characters from the past generations. For example:

Sprouts Sunshine (reboot)

Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff

Bluebell DewDrop

Tart Berry Basket (reboot)

Peanut Big Top

Storm E. Sky

Mari Golden Petals (reboot)

Royal T. Honey Stripes (reboot)

Spot Splatter Splash

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

more characters too.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Good-Bye!

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PuffFan07 PuffFan07 2 March 2021

What We Know About The Lost Third Season of Lalaloopsy (2013-2015)

On July 3, 2014, a man named Joe Whitbread, the father of Forest Evergreen’s original voice actor, posted a brief but intriguing tweet. Lalaloopsy’s official Twitter account promptly retweeted it.

On the same day, a thread titled “Eep! Season 3 is confirmed!” was posted on Lalaloopsy Fan Club, a forum site dedicated to the eponymous franchise. The thread can be found here:

Judging by the content of the tweet, the third season’s voiceover was about to begin production. This means most, if not all of its scripts were already finalized by the time the tweet was posted. This also indicates that the majority of its storyboards were completed.

Unfortunately, Season 3 never c…

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Eqqulate Eqqulate 14 January 2021

I hate my younger self

Throwback to when I colored all over my Misty Mysterious big doll.

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LeMaster.Tyler LeMaster.Tyler 18 November 2020

Thank you all for working hard

Everybody thank you all for all the hard work in lalaloopsy wiki and keep up the good work.

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Adaloopsy Adaloopsy 17 November 2020

Lalaloopsies fav dish 💖

Hi ! I made every lalaloopsies fav dish ! Hope you enjoy 💖💖💖💖 ( PS: If you read all of it you will have 5 dream lalaloopsies nowadays ! )

Rosebud longstem: I really love roses...and i love something sweet, ı think rose flavoured turkish delight is the best for me! Yummy 😋

Pillow featherbed: Cookies ! Milk and cookies are a perfect pair !

Blush pink pastry : Hmmm... some lemony,cherry, banana flavoured cream on a little cake would be great 😊

Ocean seabreez : Pearls ! I love eating pearls ! At lease the edible ones...

Sahara mirage : My fav dish ? Oh i cant pick a fav...They are all my wish come true 😝😝

Tart berry basket : BERRY TAAAARTS 🥧

Winter snowstorm : I guess i love vanilla ice cream the most ! Even on the coldest days !

Swirly figure eight : CANDIES…

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Fionna Mertens forev Fionna Mertens forev 27 October 2020

Hi, My name is Daniela

Hi my name is Daniela my fave color is red.

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Sophia0306 Sophia0306 27 September 2020

The Mystery of the Rainbow Headband (Part 2)

Recap: Just so you remember...

When all you’ll find,

In a room of surprise,

Then you’ll see,

The truth before your eyes.

April Sunsplash didn’t know what the clue meant until she found a mysterious headband. But all she can say now is, “Why me?”

Our story starts here, with April’s surprise clue at an unlikely place...

I was really excited about actually finding something special. I was with my pet Toucan. I stared up at the sky and thought I saw a rainbow, but it turned out to be a rainbow piece of paper. I tried to read it.

When all you’ll find,

In a room of surprise,

Then you’ll see,

The truth before your eyes.

What did that mean? I really wanted to know. But I didn’t know what to do but to ask someone who was good at mysteries. I’ll need some help …

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Sophia0306 Sophia0306 21 September 2020

The Mystery of the Rainbow Headband (Part 1)

When all you’ll find,

In a room of surprise,

Then you’ll see,

The truth before your eyes.

April Sunsplash didn’t know what the clue meant until she found a mysterious headband. But all she can say now is, “Why me?”

Our story starts here, with April’s surprise clue at an unlikely place...

I was really excited about actually finding something special. I was with my pet Toucan. I stared up at the sky and thought I saw a rainbow, but it turned out to be a rainbow piece of paper. I tried to read it.

When all you’ll find,

In a room of surprise,

Then you’ll see,

The truth before your eyes.

What did that mean? I really wanted to know. But I didn’t know what to do but to ask someone who was good at mysteries. I’ll need some help though.

So I find Charlotte Cha…

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Sophia0306 Sophia0306 19 September 2020

So... I’m making a fanfic on a blog post...

What’s it gonna be?!

Cookie Family Reunion

Lalaloopsies’ Vacation

The Mystery of the Rainbow Headband

The Mysterious Ice Cream River

Donut Discovery

The Crazy Cupcake Riddle

Bubblegum Outfit Match

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Sophia0306 Sophia0306 18 September 2020

Am I the only one who makes head cannons of Lalaloopsy mixed with Shopkins?

For some reason, I just love mixing head cannons from two different themes! Because every time I make a head cannon, I always find a match from two different franchises! Am I the only one who does these things?

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Sophia0306 Sophia0306 12 September 2020


Hi! I’m Sophia0306, and I’m actually really just here to learn new info and help out, but I’m also a bit of a fan girl of Lalaloopsies a little. I’ve watched some episodes when I was little, but I can’t remember most of it LOL. I’ve also watched the Netflix series, but TBH, I kind of liked the regular series better. My favorite character is Crumbs, as you can see me writing this down LOL. I’m really excited to be here, looking forward to it!

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Ashley Entertainment Ashley Entertainment 13 July 2020

My blogging post

So, this is where i put stuff!

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Quirk 567 Quirk 567 2 April 2020

Some crazy idea..?

... Well, hello... it’s been a while since... forever, and, just by looking at this place, the whole franchise appears to be death. No new season, no new dolls, no new announcements, no new videos, no new nothing at all...

Soo, I guess we are just chasing pipe dreams down here, and that this place appears to be much more tranquil... BUT, I’m here to tell that, while the main franchise is death, the fandom is still very much alive, soo, I thought of something and maybe this could be based on User:ILovetheTalkingClock's idea of a “reboot”, what my idea is, is that we could create some drawings of the Lalaloopsy Girls Franchise, HOWEVER, what i also thought is that maybe we could also do like, create Lalaloopsy Girls versions of the dolls tha…

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Angel lover chan12 Angel lover chan12 15 January 2020

I'm sewn on nov 29 2019

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Toadette3885 Toadette3885 3 January 2020

New Lalaloopsy Movie!

  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  • Peanut Big Top
  • Dot Starlight
  • Peppy Pom Poms
  • Bea Spells-a-Lot
  • Sugar Fruit Drops
  • Candle Slice O' Cake
  • Whirly Stretchy Locks

TV series: Calista Schidmit, Malia Ashley Kerr, Marisa Taiwah, Sofia Tchernetsky, Hayley Stone, Anna Quick, Angelique Berry,

Movie series: Idris Elba, Ben Affleck, Jim Fallon, Jon Heder, Jason Sudeikis, Halsey, Tove all, Post Malone, Nick Jonas and Brendan Fraser

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