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By the Book is the fifth episode of Season 2 of the Lalaloopsy™ TV Series. It is the thirty-first episode overall.


Bea, Prairie, Peanut, Pickles, and Crumbs try to recreate and experience a Wild West book, but they end up "writing" a whole new story. Ace builds a clown car for Elephant.


The episode starts off at Bea's house, where she is reading a Wild West book called The Rip-Roaring Adventures of Bella Star and the Curly Kid. It's so exciting that Bea reads it again. She visualizes herself as Bella Star, the title character, Curly Kid, the sidekick as Prairie and the cattle rustler, Dastardly Delilah as Crumbs. Sitting on a log, Bea wishes she could be a cowgirl like Bella Star, so she seeks advice from Prairie.

Bea thinks she read the book, since Prairie is a cowgirl, but she hasn't. Bea explains that she would like to recreate the book and Prairie accepts. Bea says she'll be Bella Star and Prairie will be the Curly Kid, and Cactus and Owl can be the cattle. With that said, they start the journey.

At Peanut's house, she is putting a clown nose on Elephant and explains it's part of a surprise, his own clown car! Peanut wants him to take a ride, but he's too big to fit inside. When she succeeds, Elephant is squished. Peanut then reminds him to wear a seatbelt. Before Peanut can teach him how to drive it, he doesn't pay attention and drives away instead. He drives like crazy and then crashes into a bush. Peanut says Elephant needs help.

Bea says she needs a hat and lasso so she can emulate Bella. Prairie pulls a hat and lasso out of her pack. Bea tries to lasso but ties herself up. There's no time to learn how to lasso, and Dastardly Delilah is hot on their tail. Since Prairie doesn't see any villains, Bea says that they will have to find one.

Peanut later goes to Ace to ask him to make the car easier for Elephant to drive. Ace says yes and tells Monkey to get the tool box.

Meanwhile, Prairie and Bea go to Crumbs' house, and she says she'll bake treats for the cattle ride. Then, Bea tells Crumbs that she can play Delilah. When Crumbs asks what does she do, Bea demonstrates by putting on a black hat, cape, and mustache, then doing Delilah's evil laugh. But when Crumbs tries to do the evil laugh, it doesn't sound villainous at all. Bea tells Crumbs she has to steal the cattle while Bella and Curly aren't looking, and she tells her about the big showdown. Crumbs then offers to bring treats during the showdown.




  • The roles in the story are: Bea-Bella Star, Prairie-Curly Kid, and Crumbs-Dastardly Delilah.
  • The book's title is The Rip-Roaring Adventures of Bella Star and the Curly Kid.
  • "By the Book" is also the name of a song from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy, another Nick Jr. show.
  • Bea told Crumbs to practice her evil laugh, but she did not do it correctly when she laughed at first.
  • Crumbs said "I'm sorry" multiple times when she practiced being Dastardly Delilah in the episode.
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie has a moments in time doll based on this episode.