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Princess Ballerinas

Princess Anise

Character Portrait - Princess Anise.png
Anise is the Princess of Knick-knacks. She is a girly-girl who rules over the kingdom of all things precious and pretty. She loves sharing stories about her endless collection of keepsakes, but throwing tea parties is what she loves best of all! She has a kitten for a pet.

Princess Juniper

Character Portrait - Princess Juniper.png
Juniper is the Princess of Know-How. Creative and clever, she's a little-miss-fix-it who can solve any problem that comes her way. Royally handy with her knitting needles, she's able to make something out of nothing to save the day at a moment's notice. She has a bunny for a pet.

Princess Lavender

Character Portrait - Princess Lavender.png
Lavender is the Princess of Splashes. She's very funny and is always ready for a great joke. She's perfect when it comes to turning a frown upside down and cheering up a sad friend. Lavender is also very bright and loves to make a big splash!

Princess Nutmeg

Character Portrait - Princess Nutmeg.png
Nutmeg is the Princess of Silly. She lives in her own topsy-turvy kingdom where everything's all about fun. She loves dancing and making her friends smile. And though she's sometimes a bit clumsy, she always tries to do her best. She has a bunny for a pet.

Princess Saffron

Character Portrait - Princess Saffron.png
Saffron is the Princess of Hugs. She's warm and caring and loves making treats for all her friends. In fact, sometimes she cares so much that her feelings get mixed in with the batter, so her sweets always taste best when she's happy. She has a mouse for a pet.

Princess Sesame

Character Portrait - Princess Sesame.png
Sesame is the Princess of Here-to-There. She has a super sense of direction. This sunny traveler sails across strawberry milk rivers to take friends from place to place. Although she occasionally takes a wrong turn, she always manages to find her way home.


Fairy Daffodil

Character Portrait - Fairy Daffodil.png
Daffodil is a hard worker who always tries her best. Although she can't fly as high as her friends, she always gets where she's going, even if it requires oodles of flaps and hops.

Fairy Fern

Character Portrait - Fairy Fern.png
Fern is gentle and sweet. She loves taking naps, sometimes even while flying! Though this often results in bumps and oops, she never Zzz’s through a chance to help her friends.

Fairy Lilac

Character Portrait - Fairy Lilac.png
Lilac flies her own way - upside-down! - which leads to some funny swoops and loops. It also lets her see things others miss, which gives this fairy a very valuable point of view.

Fairy Tulip

Character Portrait - Fairy Tulip.png
Tulip inspires her friends to work together and get things done. No problem's too tricky for her to solve, even when it involves her fear of flying over strawberry milk.


Mermaid Anemone

Character Portrait - Mermaid Anemone.png
Anemone delights in looking special and sparkly. Using shells and pearls, she creates fanciful charms that she loves wearing wherever she goes. Kind and generous, she's happy to share them with her friends when they want to shine, too. She has a starfish for a pet.

Mermaid Fin

Character Portrait - Mermaid Fin.png
Fin is friendly and bright. Though she's not the fastest swimmer, she's a quick thinker who's always happy to help her friends figure out a solution to a problem. Mermaid Fin sleeps in her very own soft and cozy sleeping pod.

Mermaid Gilly

Character Portrait - Mermaid Gilly.png
Gilly loves to swim! Adding lots of flips and turns, she never misses an opportunity to put on a show for her friends.

Mermaid Kelp

Character Portrait - Mermaid Kelp.png
Kelp is shy in new situations but has tons to say once she warms up. Smart and alert, this bashful observer always surprises her friends by noticing something they didn't. She comes with her very own soft and cozy sleeping pod.

Mermaid Opal

Character Portrait - Mermaid Opal.png
Opal is fearless, friendly, and curious as can be. Eager for adventure, she often leaps before she looks! Even when things don't go as hoped, this sunny swimmer always sees the bright side. More than anything, she loves discovering new friends. She has a octopus for a pet.

Mermaid Tadpole

Character Portrait - Mermaid Tadpole.png
Tadpole loves learning things. She is super curious and upbeat. She swims alongside her friends, looking for a new adventure.

Mermaid Treasure

Character Portrait - Mermaid Treasure.png
Treasure is sweet and playful. She loves hearing cheery tunes and loves playing them on her harp even more! After putting in lots of practice time, she's happy to tickle the harp strings for her friends whenever she can. She has a crab for a pet.

Mermaid Water Lily

Character Portrait - Mermaid Water Lily.png
Water Lily loves to cozy up anywhere close to home. She never dives right into adventures but she can go with the flow when she sees how important it is to her friends! Water Lily is also very sensible and practical, sticking to her same routines every day. She always gets a lot done. She has a jellyfish for a pet.



Character Portrait - Hazelnut.png
Hazelnut is ready for her next adventure. From the world of strawberry milk rivers and tangerine skies, she can take flight to anywhere you want to go. Enjoy brushing her long pink mane with the included brush. A pink horn and heart on her hip make her stand out.


Character Portrait - Macadamia.png
Macadamia is ready to take flight over the strawberry milk rivers in a land filled with dancing princesses and magical fairies. She inspires imaginations for plenty of fun and creative play.

Tea Biscuit

Character Portrait - Tea Biscuit.png
Tea Biscuit enjoys brushing her long blue hair as she dreams of princesses and fairies.





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