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Mini Characters

Baley Sticks N. Straws

Character Portrait - Baley Sticks N. Straws
Baley is quite possibly Lalaloopsy Land's greatest thinker. She's an overthinker who always comes up with great ideas. She likes running through cornfields and can grow the biggest pumpkin in Lalaloopsy Land. She was made on February 22nd from straw and has crows for pets

Bijou Treasure Trove

Bijou is oh so wise and super smart. But she's always eager to learn more. Her friends stand in line just to ask her advice about really important matters, like which kind of candy they should eat. She was made on September 1st and has a gemstone poodle for a pet.

Bun Bun Sticky Icing

Character Portrait - Bun Bun Sticky Icing
Bun Bun is Lalaloopsy Land's biggest cinnamon bun enuthusiast! She's got a big personality that's a real treat. A great friend, she's the girl to have around when you're in a sticky situation. She was made on October 4th from a cinnamon roll and has a cinnamon bun snail for a pet.

Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble

Character Portrait - Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble
Cake is Lalaloopsy Land's biggest donut enthusiast! She's easygoing with a well-rounded personality. She's a morning person who likes to rise with the sun and thinks everything tastes better dunked in hot cocoa. She was made on June 8th from a donut and has a bear for a pet.

Candy Broomsticks

Character Portrait - Candy Broomsticks
Candy is Lalaloopsy Land's very own resident witch! She's a mischief maker who loves casting spells, and mixing potions. She tries to be wicked, but she can't help but being nice! She was sewn on November 4th from a real witch's hat and has a black cat for a pet.

Choco Whirl Swirl

Character Portrait - Choco Whirl Swirl
Choco has the biggest split personality in all of Lalaloopsy Land! She has two sides, one sweet and one mischievous. Even though she can be a bit moody, everyone loves having her around. She was made on November 26th from a piece of marble cake and has a guinea pig for a pet.

Cotton Hoppalong

Character Portrait - Cotton Hoppalong
Cotton is simply the bounciest and most hop-tastic resident of Lalaloopsy Land! She's a bundle of energy who's always bouncing around hatching crazy ideas. She also loves candy...but she doesn't like to share! She was sewn on March 21st from bunny slippers and has a chick for a pet.

Curls 'N' Locks

Character Portrait - Curls 'N' Locks
Curls is Lalaloopsy Land's most particular and picky resident! She's super-choosy, and she always wants what other people have. She has lovely golden hair, and her favorite food is porridge...but only if it's just right. She was sewn on October 29th from Goldilock's dress and has gummy bears for pets.

Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy

Character Portrait - Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy
Dollop is the most gentlest and softest resident of Lalaloopsy Land. She's light and airy and loves to smile. She's super-sensitive though, and when she thinks someone's being mean... she crumbles. She was made on August 15th from pieces of a meringue cookie and has a poodle for a pet.

Happy Daisy Crown

Character Portrait - Happy Daisy Crown
Happy is the best gardener in Lalaloopsy Land when it comes to growing daisies. She loves to make flower crowns. Sometimes she has a hard time making up her mind about her friends, whether she likes them or really, really likes them. She bloomed on April 1st from a daisy flower and has a caterpillar for a pet.

Jelly Wiggle Jiggle

Character Portrait - Jelly Wiggle Jiggle
Jelly is Lalaloopsy Land's wiggliest, jiggliest resident! She's a jitterbug who has trouble sitting still. She's also super-silly, and once she starts giggling, she can never ever stop. She was made on July 12th from lime gelatin and has a gelatinous turtle for a pet.

Kitty B. Brave

Character Portrait - Kitty B. Brave
Kitty is the most courageous resident in all of Lalaloopsy Land! She’s not afraid of anything. She loves to sneak up behind you and say “Boo!” She comes from royalty, but that doesn't stop her from rolling in the tall grass. She was sewn on October 8th from a king's cape and has a mouse for a pet.

Lucky Lil' Bug

Character Portrait - Lucky Lil' Bug
Lucky is Lalaloopsy Land's most avid insect enthusiast. She's charming and fun and loves popping from place to place. In her free time, she enjoys catching butterflies. She was sewn on March 30th from a ladybug costume and has a firefly for a pet.

May Little Spring

Character Portrait - May Little Spring
May is one of Lalaloopsy Land's biggest egg hunting enthusiasts. She loves to play games, and her favorite thing to do is hide eggs. Sometimes she hides them so well, they can't be found. She was sewn on May 1st from an Easter basket and has a butterfly for a pet.

Pete R. Canfly

Character Portrait - Pete R. Canfly
Pete R. is Lalaloopsy Land's truest youngster. He's playful and mischievous, and he never ever wants to grow up. He also likes to pretend he can fly. He was sewn on August 12th from Peter Pan's hat and has a toy crocodile for a pet.

Prince Handsome

Character Portrait - Prince Handsome
Prince Handsome is the most suave and charming boy in all of Lalaloopsy Land. He's a perfect gentleman with a nice smile, a beautiful castle, and elegant clothes. He has excellent manners, though he sometimes forgets to use them. He was sewn on March 20th from Prince Charming's clothes and has a mouse for a pet.

Pumpkin Candle Light

Character Portrait - Pumpkin Candle Light
Pumpkin is the best candy collector in all of Lalaloopsy Land. Her favorite things to eat are sweet potatoes and anything that's orange. She has the largest candy collection in Lalaloopsy Land. She was sewn on October 26th from a pumpkin and has a spider for a pet.

Sprouts Sunshine

Character Portrait - Sprouts Sunshine
Sprouts is one of Lalaloopsy Land's biggest egg hunting enthusiasts. She's bright and cheery, and she loves every color in the rainbow. She likes to paint eggs, eat chocolate, and play hide and seek. She was sewn on June 3rd from a flower basket and has a rabbit for a pet.

Tinny Ticker

Character Portrait - Tinny Ticker
Tinny is Lalaloopsy Land's most tin-tastic resident! She's not afraid to express her feelings. She loves baking heart-shaped cookies and wrapping them in tin foil. She loves playing outdoors, but doesn't like getting caught in the rain. She was made on January 19th from a tin can and has a wind-up monkey for a pet.

Tuffet Miss Muffet

Character Portrait - Tuffet Miss Muffet
Tuffet is the one and only avid spider enthusiast in all of Lalaloopsy Land! She starts every morning with a healthy breakfast, and she doesn't like being bothered while she's eating. She loves spiders, but she's scared of almost everything else. She was sewn on March 14th from Little Miss Muffet's apron and has a spider for a pet.

Twist E. Twirls

Character Portrait - Twist E. Twirls
Twist E. is Lalaloopsy Land's twistiest resident! She's a jump rope expert, who stays limber by stretching, twisting, and bending. She's super-sweet, but she can snap when she's pulled in too many directions. She was made on April 12th from red licorice and has a licorice butterfly for a pet.

Velvet B. Mine

Character Portrait - Velvet B. Mine
Velvet is one of Lalaloopsy Land's biggest sweethearts. She loves to bring friends together with cards and candy. Her favorite treat is chocolate milk, especially when she can slurp it really loudly through a straw. She was sewn on August 4th from red velvet cake and has teddy bears for pets.

Wacky Hatter

Character Portrait - Wacky Hatter
Wacky is without a question Lalaloopsy Land's most wackiest resident! He's nutty, never boring. He will shout without warning, a riddle and rhyme, and a poem for tea time. He was sewn on September 15th from the Mad Hatter's hat and has a cat for a pet.