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Wooly Fuzzy Fleece

Pet Pals - Wooly Fuzzy Fleece.jpg
Sewn on: October 27th (Hug a Sheep Day)
Sewn from: A Warm Wool Sweater
Personality: Baaashful
Appearance: Wooly is pink-faced with white fluffy wool hair and ears. She has a tiny pigtail on the right side of her head held by a powder blue bow. Her cheeks are bright pink to match her hooves and she wears a powder blue dress with many white ruffles and a hot pink silk belt.
Includes: A lamb-themed cupcake.

Purrty Kitten Paws

Pet Pals - Purrty Kitten Paws.jpg
Sewn on: September 1st (First Day of Happy Cat Month)
Sewn from: A Ball of Yarn
Personality: Curious
Appearance: Purrty is light orange with dark orange markings and bright pink nose and cheeks to match her paw pads. She wears a pink hair bow on the left ear, a red-pink shawl with bow and white ruffles, and a pink picnic blanket skirt with white tulle frills.
Includes: A pink milk carton

Tickles B. Nana

Pet Pals - Tickles B. Nana.jpg
Sewn on: December 14th (Monkey Day)
Sewn from: A Left Sock
Personality: Silly
Appearance: Tickles is a brown monkey with a tan-brown face, inside ears, and paws. She has light pink cheeks and wears a big red bow on the middle of her head. Her dress is orange with red, light orange, and white markings, fuchsia buttons attached to red straps and neck piece, and red pom-poms lining the skirt.
Includes: A chocolate-covered banana

Belly Curly Tail

Pet Pals - Belly Curly Tail.jpg
Sewn on: March 1st (Pig Day)
Sewn from: A Farmer's Hat
Personality: Messy
Appearance: Belly is pink with fuchsia cheeks and dark pink hooves and ears. She has a fuchsia bow with tiny white polka dots, a pair of dark blue denim overalls/shorts held with fuchsia flower buttons and decorated with white flowers. Around her neck is a red neckerchief.
Includes: A candy apple

Toothy Yawns-a-Lot

Toothy Yawns-a-Lot.jpg
Sewn on: February 15th (Hippo Day)
Sewn from: A Floaty
Personality: Splashy
Appearance: Toothy is a light turquoise hippo with pink cheeks. She has two flowers in her hair, one pink and one orange, and she wears a patterned orange sundress and a pink patterned floaty ring.
Includes: A popsicle

Leafy Cuddle 'N' Shy

Leafy Cuddle n' Shy.jpg

Sewn on: September 26th (Save the Koala Month)
Sewn from: A Teapot Cozy
Personality: A real climber
Appearance: Leafy is a pale purple koala with darker ears. She wears orange and white shorts with matching suspenders. The suspenders are attached with pink buttons. She wears a piece of white lace around her neck and a white bow with pink spots on her head.
Includes: A teacup

Pandy Chomps-a-Lot

Pandy Chomps-a-Lot.jpg

Sewn on: March 16th (Panda Day)
Sewn from: Royal Silk
Personality: A bit of a princess
Appearance: Pandy is a pale pink panda with dark pink ears, cheeks and circles around her eyes. She wears a blue skirt with white designs and a pink waistband, a off-white pearl necklace, and a blue tiara with three bumps.
Includes: A panda themed mirror

Carrot Long Ears

Carrot Long Ears.png

Sewn on: September 27th (Rabbit Day)
Sewn from: A cotton ball
Personality: Springy
Appearance: Carrot is a yellow rabbit with white paws and feet and pink inner ears. She has a large dark pink bow between her ears and she wears a pale pink dress with a tutu and puffy sleeves.
Includes: A carrot themed cupcake