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Charms Seven Carat wasn't born into royalty, but she likes to pretend she was. She is really good at doing royal curtsy and spends time polishing her majestic tiaras and earrings. Her name is based off of her charming personality as well as her seven carat gold jewelry she always wears.

About Charms


Charms is a fair-skinned Lalaloopsy with pale pink cheeks. She wears her purple hair up and held by three purple gems held in place by gold ornaments. In her hair are small visible gems.

She wears a purple dress with the skirt divided into two sections, kept separate by a pearl chain. The top is purple silk, while the bottom has a scallop and dot shaped lining designed by giant droplet gems, circled gems, and sparkle markings. Around her waist is a gold belt. She wears an indigo necklace and a pair of plum-purple flats with a gold strap and lavender tube socks.


Charms' pet is a purple amethyst butterfly.


Charms Seven Carat full poster.png

Charms lives in an amethyst purple house.


  • She is based off an Amethyst, which is the birth stone of February.
  • She shares her birthday with Twirly Figure Eight.
  • She slightly resembles Goldie Luxe.
  • She was released along with Bijou, Dazzle and Clarity.
  • All of the gem-themed characters have a fancy jewel in their hair.
  • Charms, Bubbles, Trinket, Tart and Pumpkin are the only characters with bracelets.
  • She is not really royalty.
  • In her large doll form, Butterfly has a pearl necklace.
  • Her large core doll doesn't have earrings.