Lalaloopsy launched itself as a brand of play dolls targeted at an age group ranging from 4-104. Since its initial debut in 2010, it has spawned many different doll lines. Many of the lines have been successful and prosper to this day, while some have not met the company's sales standards and have been discontinued. As per trend, when one particular doll line does not succeed as desired, it will be retired only for it to be completely redesigned and improved, so that a second line of the same concept can succeed it.

2010 launched the core line of large Lalaloopsy dolls.

2011 launched the line of Mini Lalaloopsy, the Silly Hair line, and the line of Soft dolls.

2012 launched the line of Lalaloopsy Littles.

2013 launched the line of Lalaloopsy Ponies, the Pet Pals line, the Lalaloopsy Workshop line, both the large and mini lines of Loopy Hair, and the line of Lalaloopsy Babies.

2014 launched the line of Lalaloopsy Girls and the Lalaloopsy Tinies line.

2017 launched the rebooted core line for the Netflix series.