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Dot Starlight is the most profound stargazer in Lalaloopsy Land. She is a dreamer who always has her head in the clouds, distracted by the many wondrous thoughts, ideas, and beautiful sights surrounding her. She loves the stars, which means she spends her time seeing the stars. Dot is the older sister of little Comet Starlight. Her name is based off of how distant but bright stars are in the night sky - just little dots of star light.

About Dot


Dot Pattern.png

Dot is a dark-skinned girl with bright pink cheeks and gold blonde hair styled in chin-length curls and wavy bangs. She wears a scarlet red headband with a bow on the right side of her head. Dot wears a pastel blue and scarlet red dress with a small ribbon belt around her waist, a white collar, four scarlet red buttons, and scarlet red lining. Tulle skirts in red and pale blue are underneath her dress. She also wears white socks with red at the top and carnation pink high-cut sneakers with scarlet red shoelaces.


Dot's pet is a red bird with blue wings, black eyes with small white rings around them, small orange feet, and a small orange beak.



  • July 20th is when the first man landed on the moon.
  • She shares her birthday with Star Magic Spells, Whirly Stretchy Locks and Bouncer Fluffy Tail.
  • Dot, Mari, and June are the only Lalaloopsies with dark skin and blonde hair.
  • With Comet's introduction, Dot finally surpassed Spot as the final member of the Original 8 to receive a younger sibling, obtaining one over 11 years after her debut.
  • She is the darkest-skinned Lalaloopsy.