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Dot Starlight is Lalaloopsy Land's stargazer! She can always be seen looking at the night sky with her telescope.

PR Description

Dot Starlight is Lalaloopsy Land's resident space case – not because she's out of touch with reality but because she has her head in the stars, literally. Dot is an astronomer with her own telescope and observatory. She's always looking out for comets and meteor showers and eclipses and would love, someday, to travel to outer space in a real spaceship. In the meanwhile, she can dream, and she does. Well, okay, maybe she doesn't always see things as they really are, but that's because she can see things as they might be, or should be.[1]


Old Series

In the Old Series, Dot is easily distracted to the point where she can forget about what she was doing, she even gets distracted by things that are dangerous. Dot often gives explanations on what something is to her friends, sometimes giving more information than what is needed. When Dot does give information, she often gives wrong information.

Lalaloopsy Nick Jr. Series

In the Nick Jr. Series, Dot is always eager to learn about a new outer space discovery, she's always up all night looking through her telescope at the stars. She always goes to investigate any new space anomaly that comes into Lalaloopsy Land. Dot always feels that she is a part of a mission whenever she helps her friends. A running gag is whenever Bea makes a complicated and grandiose idea, Dot makes it more simpler.

Netflix Series



Jewel Sparkles' Un-Birthday Party

Dot is asked by Jewel to make decorations out of silver paper for her birthday party, which Dot says that she does not have any. Dot later appears at the party, having have made the decorations, which she claims is the reason why she was out of silver paper.

Bea Spells-a-Lot and the Pet Talent Show

Dot appears as an audience member during the Pet Talent Show.

Up Up and Away

Dot is riding on her airplane with Bird until Dyna latches on to the rear end of the plane. This makes Dot land her plane. Dyna explains that her goggles were taken from her and claims that Bird is the one who took it but would find out that it wasn't Bird. Dot then lets Dyna use her telescope to locate her missing goggles.


Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The Search for Pillow

Bea asks Dot for her airplane, which Dot agrees to. Dot then pilots the airplane with Bea and Specs to write a message in the sky to find Pillow. After a thunderstorm, the plane experiences turbulence, which causes it to go down on the roof of Mittens' house. Dot is later at the hot air balloon surprise with Spot and Rosy and rides along with the other Lalaloopsies.

Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets

Dot is looking through her telescope when Whirly calls her about her broken candy machine. She arrives at Whirly's house, helping her get out of an badly assembled candy machine. Peppy comes to help Dot with how assemble the candy machine. Peppy says they should go to Peanut's for her help. After Peanut comes along, Dot helps Peanut with the instruction manual, but they along with Peppy are confused by it. After the candy machine is assembled, Dot would get stuck with a bowl of sticky candy with Peppy and Peanut. They would then be unstuck with the candy machine. When Whirly comes back having have failed, Dot gives her the encouragement to get more sugar. She helps Whirly by blowing the dandelion fluff from the trees with her airplane. Dot then attends the Festival of Sugar Sweets and brings along star-shaped cookies.

Lalaloopsy: Band Together

Dot is observing outer space anomalies before seeing constellations in the shape of music notes. Confused, Dot talks to Bea to know more about the note constellations, who says that Dot has discovered a never-before found galaxy. Dot auditions for Keys' band with a violin, to which she is disqualified. Dot maps out the new galaxy, to which Bea says to go to a specific location with her bus to see the stars more clearly. While the Buttonettes sing their song, more star constellations form, which Dot and Bea see.

Later, Dot and Bea bring the bus to Ace's garage to help with the Buttonettes' band tour. The stars start to disappear when the Buttonettes stop playing their music, so Dot and Bea pursuit them and encourage Keys' to continue playing her music. Dot then continues viewing the note constellations while the Buttonettes play their music.

Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to L.A.L.A. Prep School


Nick Jr Series (Season 1)

Batter Up!

Dot helps Berry with making a tall stack of pancakes by making a cow-operated conveyor belt inside of Berry's Kitchen to deliver pancakes outside. When Bea has a complicated idea of using the weather vane on Berry's house, Dot then gives a less complicted way of using the weather vane. Dot also checks the height of pancake stack with her telescope to confirm its height.

Princess Parade

She makes a small appearance where she is seen talking to other Lalaloopsies and waving her hand during the Princess Parade.


Peanut finds Dot, Pillow, Bird, and Sheep on a blanket on the grass "infected" with spot-itis. Dot was looking for a place to have a sky gazing party but then noticed that she and others were covered in spots. She was then taken by Peanut to Rosy's hospital to be taken care of by Rosy. When Rosy went away, she tells Jewel to get up from bed. Dot would say that it is getting crowded in Rosy's hospital, which would lead to Rosy recommending stilts to cure Spot-itis. After the real cure for spot-itis has been found, Dot would thank Rosy for taking care of them.

Dot's Moon Mission

Dot, along with Bea, is planning a trip to the Moon due to the open Sky Gate, Crumbs comes and gives her food for her trip and talks about the cheese on the Moon. The next day Dot explains the rocket's engine to the other Lalaloopsies, and receives several items from Rosy for her trip along with a medical check-up. Dot puts her spacesuit on with glitter and receives a flag from Peanut and goes into her rocket ship, as Dot goes turns on her spaceship, it suddenly fails. Dot finds out that the engine has fallen apart. Dot has many attempts to repair the engine before the Sky Gate closes with no success, Bea then comes and gives another way of how to get to the moon. Dot's rocket is pulled by Peanut's clown car all the way to a makeshift moon environment in the desert, while on the way, Bea and Peanut convince her that she truly is in space going to the moon. When Dot arrives at the "Moon" she meets the "moon critters" and and collects a sample of "moon cheese," Dot then plants the flag on the surface of the cheese. Dot then returns to her rocket and back home. Dot talks about how she felt "right at home" while on the "Moon."

The Big Sheep Sleep

Dot has acquired a new telescope and is having trouble delivering it to her house. Bea helps with her new telescope and Dot invites her to use it with her. Dot and Bea would be confused about how to assemble the telescope, Dot and Bea then jumped with joy as they complete assembling the telescope. After viewing through the telescope for a while, Dot would notice sheep seemingly flying across the sky. Dot would then hear Pillow scream and rushed over to her along with other Lalaloopsies. Peanut claims to have seen flying sheep, which Dot would also claim to have seen them too. Jewel tells Dot to user her telescope along with Bea to find any lost sheep. Dot and Bea would find several sheep, and they would spot Pillow's sheep and tell Pillow about it. Dot and Bea would also find Sheep #7 and bring them to Rosy. At the end of the episode, Dot would find a constellation in the shape of a sheep.

Saved by the Gift

Dot is seen configuring her telescope at her house while Jewel places silverware by the side of her house.

Flight Plan

Dot helps Pix with her fear of heights by using a fan on Pix who has large wings attached. The Fan would lift Pix up and blow her away, Dot is than approached by Jewel and asks her to check on Spot's painting on if the stars are place correctly which Dot would gladly accept. Dot is then seen at the Sparkle and Shine Party wearing a tiara with other Lalaloopsies, cheering at Pix's performance.

Tower of Treasure

Dot is assembling kites with Bea, when Marina comes to Dot and Bea to ask them to help, after she leaves, Dot says that they should practice using their newly assembled kites. Dot says that the kites need to in a certain position to help Marina, she then suggests that Bird and Owl can drag the Kites. With little practice with the kites, Dot continues with her idea to make an "x" with the kite's lines which Patch would notice. Dot then tells Patch about how Owl and Bird helped with his treasure hunt. Pickles' Delivers Dot is an audience member for the flight show. She would go along with the other Lalaloopsies to rescue Pickles, she is not seen later.

Dyna-mic Duo

Dot is in line with other Lalaloopsies to audition to be Dyna's sidekick. It is unknown if Dot actually auditioned.

Sleepless in Lalaloopsy Land

Dot helps Pillow with Snuggles' sleep problem, she comes to Pillow's house with her telescope and would point it at Snuggles. Dot along with Pillow would observe that Snuggles goes sleep walking to different locations in the house at night. Don't Fence Me In Dot is gazing at the clouds with her telescope until bird points her to a painting on a fence by Spot. Dot approaches Spot about the painting, she says that she likes it and tells Spot to paint the rest of the fence. Dot would continue to observe Spot paint, sometimes giving advice that changes Spot's art, Dot would even manipulate Spot's art, and covering her eyes while she's painting when not needed. Dot then suggests to Spot about using an so that Spot can draw portraits with it. Dot would then feel sorry for Spot after realizing that she and others did not let her do her art her own way. When Spot finishes her final portraits, Dot notices hers which she would compliment. Dot would then tell Sunny about an unfinished fence she has, which Sunny would reply that she doesn't want to fence Cow in.

Dot and the Starcatcher

Dot is observing several anomalies in the night sky and would then notice a bright purple colored falling star and would tell Bea about it. Dot would learn about the falling star from Bea about what it is, where it's going to land, and how to catch it which requires a trampoline, Dot and Bea would then set out to catch it. Dot along with Bea go to Peanut's house to borrow her trampoline, Dot then sees that the falling star is going to land in a different location. After the trampoline rolls over to Jewel and Sunny's campsite, Dot and the other Lalaloopsies position the trampoline so that the falling star bounces and lands in Sunny's tent. Dot brings the star back home to collect star dust from it, Dot would then want to put the Star back into the sky. Dot goes to Bea to help with putting the star back, they would both then go to Peanut's house to borrow her hot air balloon, Dot then places the star back into the sky with the hot air balloon. Back home, Dot looks at the star through her telescope then sprinkles the star dust saying that she is going to study it.

A Jolly Holly Holiday

Dot Starlight calls Holly to tell her that it will not be snowing on Happy Joyful Holiday, and that she will tell her if it is going to snow again. Dot sees Holly outside her house and then receives the gift that Holly made for her, Dot then helps Holly with her sleigh by putting a sheet of paper under it and by pulling on it with Holly. Dot along with Holly head towards Forest's house only for the sleigh to fall into a mud pit, Forest gets the Sleigh unstuck, and Dot would thank him for it. Dot continues pulling on the sleigh to reach Rosy's hospital, Patch's shiphouse, Crumbs' house, Bea's house, then back to Holly's house. While on the way Dot and others leave the sleigh and walk towards Holly's house in the snowstorm, they would end up walking in circles and become lost. After hearing the Lalaloopsies carol, Dot and others would walk towards it back to Holly's house. Dot then sings the Carol with all the other Lalaloopsies.

Nick Jr. Series (Season 2)

Jewel's Jewel Chest

Dot is knitting a wind sock to record the wind speed and direction, the sock gets blown away from the wind while at her window. After Bird brings the sock back, Dot goes to Peanut's house to borrow her hot air balloon. After flying in the hot air balloon with Peanut, Dot attempts to tie the sock to a branch only to be deterred by branches being blown by the wind. After attempting to tie the sock to Bea's house, Blossom's house, and to Sunny's house, Parrot comes to tell Dot and Peanut about Patch and crew stranded on an island and that they need a sail. Dot and Peanut go to the island to help with getting Patch's ship back to sea, she then hangs the sock on the top of the ship's sale.

Nighty Knight

Dot helps Sir, Pix, and Peanut with an arrow constellation that points towards the Cave of Impenetrable Darkness, Dot then joins them on their quest to the Cave. While on their way, Dot asks Sir why he is afraid of bugs, which Sir replies that he is afraid of more things, one of which was getting lost, to which Dot would find out that Bird has been eating the trail of crumbs set by Sir. Sir then wants to go back home before it gets dark, to which Dot replies that it would still be dark when they go back home. When it starts to get cloudy and rainy, she tells Sir that rain and thunder is nothing to get scared of, before cowering with Pix about falling rocks, after the clouds clear, she views the arrow constellation to go towards the cave. After arriving at the cave and hearing Sir's screams, They all go inside the cave to find him, only to fall down a ravine and fail to boost Peanut up. She then shouts to Sir to follow their voices, which doesn't work due to the echo of the cave. After Sir rescues and Dot tells him that his fears was a curse within him, and that the amulet was a placebo. Dot then goes to Spot's house to give Jewel the amulet.

Wishful Thinking

Dot is looking through her telescope once again when Candle comes with a birthday present, despite not being Dot's birthday. Candle leaves and comes back with a jar containing a sparkly star as Dot's birthday wish, which wasn't what Dot wished for. Dot sees Spot's painting of the Universe, which was another present by Candle, But still wasn't what Dot wished for. Candle comes back to Dot's house with a "star cloud gazing kit" and puts the items inside on Dot, Dot says that it was the gift she needed, but is not fully honest about it, Candle sees this and continues trying to find the right gift for Dot. Candle comes back again and makes Dot look outside her window to see Bea and her plane make a sparkling star in plane show was amazing, yet it still wasn't what she wished for. Dot still thanks Candle for all the gifts she gave her. Dot and her friends would then gather around to see the formation of a new star, and wish a happy birthday to it.

So Near and Yet So Far

Dot is observing the space again with Bea until she spots sparkly lights in the sky, Bea and Dot see that the sparkly lights have landed on Lalaloopsy Land. Dot and Bea go towards where it landed and finds several beeping light objects, They both then go to their homes with Dot bringing the objects to her home. While going home, Dot finds Haley inside her rocket, Dot introduces herself to Haley and finds out that the objects are food to Haley. Dot brings Haley to Berry's house to let her try out Berry's food, Haley attempts to communicate with the others but fails to. Dot then takes Haley to Peanut's to to show her Peanut's tricks, Haley attempts once more to communicate with them, to which Dot would bring Haley to Bea's house. At Bea's house, Dot finds out how to communicate with Haley. Dot then brings Haley to her house to teach her more words, and finds out that Haley wants to go home. Haley then tells dot how she got to Lalaloopsy Land, and that she needs a spaceship to go home. Dot starts on building the spaceship and goes to Ace and asks him to build a part of Haley's spaceship. Dot says her goodbyes to Haley after building her ship and getting a gift from Haley. At her house, Dot gives a vague answer on if she wants to see Haley again as she sees Haley's ship go off.

Winter's Wonderful Ice and Snow Show

Dot does not appear in this episode, but Forest says that he and Blossom could use her airplane to search for a lost snail, Which Blossom replies that they could not see the snail from the sky.


Dot, along with Spot, Pix E., and a large group of L.O.L. Surprise! characters, is one of the attendees of Independent Queen and Goo-Goo Queen's concert. During Jewel and Storm E.'s performance, one of the L.O.L. Surprise! toddlers state "They are out of this world" (paraphrased), to which Dot replies "Me too" (also rewritten in ordinary English).

Netflix Series



"One small step for me, one giant leap for Lalaloopsy Land!"



  • Marÿke Hendrikse also voices Berry Jars 'N' Jam and Sunny Side Up.