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Ivory Ice Crystals is Lalaloopsy Land's very own snow princess. She's a delicate snowflake, who loves tiptoeing through fresh snow, decorating her ice castle, and making fancy icicle jewelry, even though it melts when the sun comes out. Her name comes from the color ivory, which is also the color of snow - as well as the beautiful crystals that form from the cold ice!

About Ivory


Ivory Ice Crystals is a fair-skinned girl with typical black button eyes and pale pink cheeks. Her hair is metallic blue and glittery! She has straight cut bangs with a single curl on the left side of her head while her hair is worn up around her head in multiple perfectly spherical curls. On the top of her head is a fuzzy white hat.

Ivory's dress is very fuzzy and white, giving it the appearance of snow. Her top is glittery with short puffed up sleeves that are blue-tint. Her skirt is also puffed and very short in the front and long in the back, trailing behind her like an elegant wispy train. The underside matches her hair, being blue with tons of glitter. Her shoes are fuzzy snow boots with small pompoms on them.


Ivory's pet is a cute fuzzy looking polar bear. It has a non-fuzzy muzzle and black button eyes. On its head is an ice blue crown.


Ivory Ice Crystals wide poster.png

Ivory's home seems to be a very big castle on the top of a snowy hill. She has many ivy-green and dark green trees and plants decorating the pathway below her home.


  • February 27th is Polar Bear Day.
  • She is an allusion to the Snow Queen, which was written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1845.
  • Ivory shares the same hairstyle with Clarity Glitter Gazer.
  • Ivory's full-sized doll is a limited edition collector's doll while her mini is a Target exclusive.