An upbeat version of the Lalaloopsy theme plays as the title card is shown against a blue sky before panning down to Jewel's house.

Jewel: *circles the 13th on a calendar of March* It's here, it's finally here! Today's my birthday. *happily lifts her arms up in the air* Hooray! You know the best thing about birthdays? Parties. And this year, I'm going to throw myself the best party ever!

Cat: *nods*

Jewel: *grabs her party list from the table* I've already planned it all out. I just need a little help from my friends.

*stars fly past the screen and reveal Dot Starlight's house*

Jewel: *knocks on the door*

Dot: *opens the door and sees Jewel*

Jewel: Hi, Dot! I'm planning the best birthday party for myself. *walks into the house* And I could really use your help.

Dot: Uh... come in...?

Jewel: Can you make those cool moon decorations out of your special silver paper? *an example of Dot's decorations pop up next to Jewel as she speaks*

Dot: *shakes her head with a shrug* I'm sorry, but... *opens an barren cabinet with only a single spider web inside* I'm all out of silver paper. I wish I could help.

Jewel: *frowns as the example of decorations pop, but quickly pops back up with a smile* It's alright. I have lots of other things on my list that will make the party great. *walks away* Thanks anyway!

Dot: *frowns with a wave* Um... goodbye...?

*the upbeat theme returns as stars fall down across the screen to reveal Crumbs' house*

Jewel: And I was thinking you could make your double layer chocolate cake so my birthday party will be perfect, perfect, perfect!

*a chocolate cake appears along with blue icing and candles as Jewel speaks*

Crumbs: I wish I could, but... *opens a cabinet and takes out a light purple bowl* I'm all out of sugar, so I can't bake a cake for your party.

*surprised music*

Jewel: Not even a small cake? Some cookies? One. Little. Tiny. Cupcake?

Crumbs: *shakes her head and turns the empty bowl over*

Jewel: Well, cake or no cake, the party must go on.

Crumbs: *waves* Good luck! And happy birthday!

*a big chocolate chip cookie rolls across the screen to reveal Peanut's house*

Jewel: Peanut, I think you'll love your birthday party assignment. Since you're so good at making everyone laugh, you'll be the entertainment! *shows her clipboard, which says 'Peanut's Party Piece!' in red letters*

Peanut: *pulls out a red handkerchief and sneezes*

Jewel: So, as I was saying, you can sing, dance, tell jokes-

Peanut: *sneezes again* I'm sorry Jewel, but I have a cold. Maybe someone else should be the party entertainment.

Jewel: *frowns with a slump* That's okay. *walks away with a wave* Hope you feel better soon, Peanut.

*Peanut waves back before the shot cuts to a dark door, which Jewel opens sadly as she trudges into the house before picking up Cat*

Jewel: At least you can help celebrate my birthday, Kitty. *turns on the light*

Bea, Dot, Mittens and Pillow: Surprise!

Jewel: *frowns in surprise as confetti falls*

Crumbs: Happy birthday, Jewel!

Dot: Do you like the decorations?

*cuts to Dot's sparkly decorations, which are hanging up on the ceiling*

Jewel: *looks up at the decorations* You made moons? And stars? And planets? Wow, Dot!

Dot: That's why I was out of silver paper when you came over.

Crumbs: I made your favorite. Chocolate cake. Not double layer, or even triple layer. But quadruple layer! *presents a four-layered cake with pink icing and red and white striped candles*

Jewel: That looks amazing! *takes a slice of cake and bites into it* Mmm! And tastes even more amazing!

*shot cuts to Peanut juggling*

Peanut: And now, a very special act that I practiced just for you! *pans back to show Peanut on a unicycle*

Jewel: So you did want to help throw a birthday party.

Dot: Yes, a surprise party!

Jewel: Thank you so much! Even I couldn't have a party as wonderful as this!

*colorful balloons fly up the screen and show Jewel's house, which is being lit by fireworks as the upbeat theme returns once more to end the webisode*

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