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Keys Sharps 'N' Flats is Lalaloopsy Land's very own piano player! She dreams of being a pop star, but she gets stage fright. Luckily she has her friends to cheer her on and give her the courage to finish the show. Her name comes from piano keys, as well as sharps and flats in music!

About Keys


Keys is lightly tanned with black button eyes and pale pink cheeks to match her very pale pink hair. She has straight cut bangs and many curls in her hair, styled into a braided pigtail on each side of her head. Many larger curls spiral around the top of her head, while to the left of it is a hot pink ribbon tied into a bow with white piano keys attached to it.

She wears a blue top with a row of white buttons going down the center, beneath a black and white split-style jacket lined by hot pink. At her neck is a light pink bowtie. Her skirt is a white pleated tutu that resembles a row of piano keys on top of a hot pink petticoat. The inside of her jacket is hot pink. She wears black and white split-style sneakers with pale blue socks. 


A bright blue frog with a fuchsia tongue and a single, pale pink curled lock of hair. The center of his torso is white and he wears a black bow around his neck.



  • January 27 is Mozart's Birthday.


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