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Sibling Projects

Lalaloopsy Land Fanon Wiki

An associate project to Lalaloopsy Land Wiki.

Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls Wiki

An inactive wiki, close to Lalaloopsy Land Fanon Wiki

Lalaloopsy Buttons Wiki

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Lalaloopsy New Releases Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Wiki

Under consideration as a duplicate.

Lalaloopsy Wiki

Considered as a duplicate, thus, merged to this Wiki as redirect.

Lalaloopsy Chalk Land Wiki

Come on over to Chalk Land to meet the cutest chalk girl, Trace E. Doodles! Also, you can draw anything!

Lalaloopsy girl Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Girls Wiki

Wiki is closed.

Lalaloopsy Girls Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Princess College Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Littles Wiki

Meet All The Littles You Can Find On This Wiki!

The Lalaloopsy TV Series Wiki

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Lalaloopsy: Nuu Majikaru, Nuu Kawaii Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Fanon Wiki

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Anything Lalaloopsy Wiki

Wiki is closed.

The Lalaloopsy Fandom Wiki

Wiki is closed.

Lalaloopsy Episodes Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Movies Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Fan episodes Wiki

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Lalaloopsy Fandom Wiki

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Lala-Oopsies Wiki

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Lalaloopsypedia Wiki

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Lala-Oopsie Fun Wiki

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Language Version Projects

Spanish Wiki

Founded by Danitzaw on January 19, 2014. Wiki soon closed due to inactivity.

Wiki is re-opened, currently under construction and open for new admins.

"Lalaloopsy (Spanish) Wiki already has a minimum of 100 pages and I will still administrating the Wiki after 2015 even I'm no longer administrating the English Wiki. To clarify why I haven't still step down from there is that I haven't yet found 2 administrators to take care of it. Once that is done, I'll be selecting 1 out of the 3 to also run the Bureaucracy then I'll be glad to step down."

RGL sigi 1 Lalaloopsy Land's FinestRGL sigi 2 08:22, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

Polish Wiki

Founded by RarityForever on June 8, 2014‎.

Wiki is abandoned and lost. It is open for adoption.

"I have halted my activity in the Polish Wiki and already accomplished my goal which is achieving at least 100 pages. I'm no longer making any developments and sad to say that it will be the least developed."

RGL sigi 1 Lalaloopsy Land's FinestRGL sigi 2 15:31, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

Russian Wiki

Founded by RGL Victor The Great on March 9, 2015‎. Wiki was created upon request of User:GfgfgfffF.

Currently used as a Test Wiki for experiments and restructuring. It is open for new admins.

"Лалалупси вики will still receive developments after 2015, even when I'm no longer administrating the English Wiki. Having founded it, meant something more to me than it is with the other non-English wikis, having said and done so that this might become well-developed soon and be only second to the English Wiki."

RGL sigi 1 Lalaloopsy Land's FinestRGL sigi 2 11:48, December 29, 2015 (UTC)

French Wiki

Founded by Thenaturals on May 24, 2015.‎ Wiki was created upon collaboration of both Founder and current admin RGL Victor The Great.

Currently under construction and open for new admins.

"Lalaloopsy (French) Wiki now has a minimum of 100 pages which completes my long-term goal for the year 2015 of making at least 100 pages for each non-English Wikis. However, even though I'm no longer administrating the English Wiki and by making this far, I'm still open to thinking of making more progress for the French Wiki after 2015."

RGL sigi 1 Lalaloopsy Land's FinestRGL sigi 2 08:01, December 31, 2015 (UTC)


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