The Lalaloopsy Littles are the little siblings of the Lalaloopsies. They were sold on their own but were encouraged to be bought alongside their older siblings. Not all Littles were sold on their own though, some were only available through deluxe bundles or exclusive sister packs. Several lines of products were given to the Littles, such as minis, fashion packs, and rocker-strollers.

Littles Dolls

Explore the magical world of Lalaloopsy and create mischief in Lalaloopsy Land with Lalaloopsy Littles, the adorable younger siblings of your favorite Lalaloopsy characters.



Mini Littles

Hold the cuteness of Lalaloopsy Littles in the palm of your hand. Mini Lalaloopsy Littles each come with their older sibling and an adorable pet.

  • Doll has movable arms, legs and head
  • Includes Mini Lalaloopsy doll, her pet and her Little's sibling
  • Collect them all

Littles "Rocker 'n' Stroller"

Now you can push your Lalaloopsy Littles dolls around town in the Littles Rocker 'n' Stroller! When you get home, convert the push stroller in to a rocking pet toy.

  • 2-in-1 Lalaloopsy Littles Rocker 'n' Stroller
  • Adjustable handle
  • Push stroller converts into a rocking pet
  • Detachable apple-wagon for pet
  • Fits any Lalaloopsy Littles doll

Littles Fashion

You can dress up your whimsical Lalaloopsy toddler dolls in adorable outfits for every occasion

  • Adorable Lalaloopsy Littles Fashions
  • Fashions fit any Lalaloopsy Littles doll


For more on the Lala-Oopsies spin off line, please visit its page.

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