Lalaloopsy Ponies are Target exclusive pet toys of Lalaloopsy.  There are many different types ranging from specific character themes, colors, sizes, types, and even light ups!

Large Ponies

So far there have been four of these ponies released, Juggles (circus themed), Checkers (party themed), Snap Pea, and Slippers. They are based on Peanut Big Top and Confetti Carnival.

A second wave of fruit themed large ponies has also been released and each comes with a hair brush and accessory.


Description: Juggles is a white and bright, neon orange horse with stringy blue hair. It's muzzle is soft pink, while it has a star marking on it's eye and left leg. It also has red cheeks and wears a neon pink, orange, and red clown cone hat. Juggles' outfit is neon pink with a ruffled neon orange neck, a red heart-shaped patch on the flank and red puffy pom poms. It seems to wear neon pink shoes on it's back legs.

Includes: Juggles comes with a yellow brush and a red dog shaped balloon.


Description: Checkers is a violet horse with a white and black checkered right front leg, and left back leg. It's right ear is white and the left is black. It's horn matches its purple coloring while it's hair is carrot orange. Checkers wears very little clothing, relying on pink accessories instead. Like a bracelet and matching collar, and eye mask. Half the size of the bigger horses, these ponies have a theme to them as well. One is floral while the other is ballet.

Includes: Comes with purple brush and magenta hand fan.

Snap Pea

Description: Dull teal in color, Snap Pea has neon pink hair to match it's left front leg and right back leg. It's wings are ivy green. Snap Pea wears a white flowery shaped skirt and a daisy head ornament, while around it's left back leg is a flower wrapped around it.

Includes: She comes with a potted daisy and teal brush.


Description: Slippers is a pale fuchsia colored horse with fuchsia hair, horn left ear, and tutu. Her other ear is fuchsia in color. Besides her tutu, Slippers also wears a crown, a short orange ballerina slipper on her left front leg and right back leg, and a longer magenta ballerina slipper on her back left leg and front right leg, to match her neck collar.

Includes: She comes with a magenta brush and chalkboard drawing. _________________________________________________________________________

Fruit Ponies

The fruit ponies are like the other large ponies, but instead of a brush and acessories, they come with a brush and multiple hair accessories. 


Description: A unicorn with a clear orange horn, clear orange legs, and a solid dark yellow head and torso. She has a transparent green mane and tail and wears a pink skirt and a pink flower clipped to one ear.

Includes: Two pale orange clips, two pale pink clips, and a translucent green-yellow clip.


Description: A pony with dark purple clear legs; one sporting a ballet slipper and another sporting a bracelet. She has a solid dark magenta torso and a clear dark purple mane and tail. She wears a necklace, white tutu, and has a peppermint decoration clipped to one ear.

Includes: Jamberry comes with two pink clips, two white clips, one translucent orange piece, and a pink one.

Pink Melon

Description: A unicorn with a clear pink horn, clear pink legs, and a solid puce head and torso. She has a clear pink mane and tail, and is wearing a pink mary-jane like "shoe" on one hoof with what seems to be a bracelet around another, a white necklace around her neck, and a pink decoration around the tip of her tail, and clipped to one ear is a pink and white bow.

Includes: Comes with pale pink clips, pale lilac clips, and a red translucent clip.


Description: A pony with dark orange clear legs, a solid dark orange head and torso, and a clear dark orange mane and tail. She is wearing a white and orange necklace and on one hoof is wearing a pink and white shoe.

Includes: She has a lavender and magenta bow clipped to one ear.

Loopy Hair Ponies

The loopy hair ponies are like the other large ponies, but have yarn hair, they come with a brush and multiple hair accessories.


Description: Light purple in color, Mulberry has pink hair with light pink highlights. It's wings are light pink. Mulberry wears a light pink crown.

Includes: Two pink clips, two light purple clips, and a light purple comb.


Description: A unicorn with a pink horn, and a solid light yellow head and torso. She has a pink mane and tail, and is wearing a pink accessory her left front hoof which seems to be a bracelet.

Includes: Two pink clips, two yellow clips, and a yellow comb.




  • Pink Comb
  • 2 White bow clips
  • 2 Pink Button Clips




  • Blue Comb
  • 2 Blue Bow Clips
  • 2 Pink Heart Clips

Baby Ponies

The baby ponies are much smaller then the large ponies. They all come with a single brush. So far released has been three themes.

Candy Ponies

Based on the Candy Shoppe Mini dolls, these little fillies are as sweet are they are cute!


Description: A red filly with stringy red hair. Its posible wings, ears, and front legs are dark magenta colored.

Includes: Comes with a pink brush.


Description: Mocha is brown with white stringy hair and icing all over its head and back with pink sprinkles, as well as its left frontal leg. It has a big cherry on its head and beginning of tail.

Includes: The brush is fuchsia.


Description: Light pink with Neapolitan (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) stringy hair. Waffles' horn is actually a chocolate ice cream in a cone, to match its cone-style legs. On it's flank is a fuchsia heart, to match its brush. She also has a white bib.

Includes: A fuchsia brush


Description: Mallow is an almost pure white horse. It's hair is white, fading into brown-tan, while it has thick slightly burnt marshmallows for hooves. On it's head, is a stick with two marshmallow on it, to act like a horn. Around it's neck, Mallow wears a pink collar that matches its brush and flank heart.

Includes: A pink brush

Glitter Ponies


Description: She is a pretty pink pegasus with a glittery finish. She has a bright orange mane and tail. Her bodysuit is a brighter colored pink with what seems to be a butterfly ornament on it. Instead of a horn she has bug antenna. Her wings are a see through orange to match her mane. On her back left leg she is wearing a frilly lace garter.

Includes: She comes with a neon orange brush


Description: She is a yellow pegasus with a glittery finish. She has a bright pink and light pink mane and tail. Her bodysuit is black and yellow with a pink collar. She has pink antenna and pink seethrough wings.

Includes: Her brush is pink.

Lady B.

Description: She is a pink pegasus with a glittery finish. Her mane and tail are a muted red. Her bodysuit is red with black spots. She has red antenna and red see through wings. She has a red frilly garter on her front left leg.

Includes: Her brush is red.


Description: She is a teal unicorn with a glittery finish. Her mane and tail are a pinkish purple. Her body suit is green with a frilly collar. She has pink wings and antenna.

Includes: Comes with a pale lilac brush.

Sleepy Time Ponies


Description:  Features adorable blue pajamas that glow in the dark, along with glow in the dark blue lanyard hair.

Includes: She comes with a blue brush


Description:  Features adorable pink pajamas with glow in the dark bows, along with glow in the dark green lanyard hair.

Includes: Her brush is pink.


Description: Features adorable purple pajamas with glow in the dark stars, along with glow in the dark orange lanyard hair.

Includes: Her brush is purple.

Paw Paw

Description: Features adorable orange pajamas with glow in the dark markings, along with glow in the dark pink lanyard hair.

Includes: Her brush is yellow.

Mini Ponies

Three packs of little cuties just waiting to be part of any pony collection. These mini horses are perfect for any Lalaloopsy mini doll too! As of yet, the carousal ponies lack names and only feature three per pack. Few are based on Lalaloopsy while others are not.

Carousel 1

Pony 1 is fuchsia pony with curly ivy green hair worn with a thin black band and a curled tail. Her wings are soft pink with matching collar.

Pony 2 is orange with bright yellow braided mane and tail with matching bracelets and a red bow on the hair.

Pony 3 is pale pink and resembles Suzette La Sweet!

Carousel 2

Pony 4 is pink with burnt orange pigtailed hair and a basic tail. She wears a white bib-piece.

Pony 5 is chiffon yellow with neon purple wavy hair and tail. She has a yellow hat and a magenta bow on her tail and left back leg.

Pony 6 is dark purple with dark violet hair and tail. Has a horn and wears a single daisy on it's ear.

Carousel 3

Pony 7 is orange and looks like Pony 6, but she is orange and hot pink themed with a pale pink horn and a red flower.

Pony 8 resembles Pony 5 but is BLUE With fuschia hair, gold crown/hat, and pale pink ribbons.

Pony 9 is a recolor of pony 1, being lilac with bright sky blue hair. It's wings are the same, but the hair ornament is neon purple.

Carousel 4

Pony 10 looks like a recolor of Pony 6 and 7, but she is fuchsia colored with a neon green mohawk mane and long tail. It's horn is also neon green and it has black dots on it's sides. She wears a flower on the side of her hair.

Pony 11 is yellow with a long pink flowing mane covering one eye and a curled, up raised tail. She wears an ivy green neckerchief.

Pony 12 is a recolor of Pony 3, but is lilac skinned with purple hair and tail, worn with an ivy green headband-bow. She has a white collar and green colored wings on each side of her body. 

Carousel 5

Pony 15 is a recolor of Pony 5 and 8. She has very pale blye skin and slightly darker blue mane and tail. She wears a bronze crown on her head and has small purple markings on her body.

Pony 16 is pale pink with a crinkled pink tail and white and brown crinkle-wavey hair.

Pony 17 is a recolor of Pony 2, but with lighter orange-yellow skin and a light pink mane and tail. She wears a pale colored bow.

Carousel 6

Pony 18 is a recolor of Pony 1 and Pony 9. She has lilac skin and very slightly darker mane and tail. Her wings are purple, and she wears white accessories.

Pony 19 is a recolor of Pony 4. She has the same skin and accessory colors, but with magenta-pink mane and tail.

Pony 20 is yellow with a short cury white tail and two-layer curled tail. She wears a fuchsia pink hair accessory, one around her left back-leg, and a waist band with a pale pink flower.

Holiday Edition 

A set of two christmas themed Carousel ponies. Pony 13 is red with long curly white hair and matching tail. She wears a gold crown, gold tail bow, and gold ballerina ribbon-wrapping around her legs. Around the front left leg is a white string.

Pony 14 is white with a red ponytail and a very curly red tail. She has golden wings and accessories, and a pink-red accessory on the front left hoof.

Light-Up Ponies

They're shimmery. They're glossy. They're everything a little girl could dream of. Lalaloopsy Land's very first breed of magical ponies with beautiful wings. Press their royal crowns to watch them light-up the dark. While both white and come with gold crowns, the ponies come in two variants:

Moon Glow

Description: Who has light blue body parts and wings. Her hair is pink.

Includes: She comes with a light blue star shaped brush and lights up pink.

Starry Night

Description: She has pink wings, brush, and body parts. Her hair is light lilac while she glows a bright dark blue.


Plush Ponies

Recently discovered, this super soft pony is just waiting to be brought home. They are about medium-small in size and made with a sparkling material and yarn hair. They are based on the baby pony dolls.

  • Flutterwings: Flutterwings is pink with a darker pink neck piece and bright orange yarn hair. Her wings are pink, instead of translucent yellow.
  • Honeycomb: Honeycomb is yellow with rosy cheeks and an orange and black striped body. She has fuchsia hair, antennae, and furry neck. Her wings are pink.
  • Waffles: Waffles is Pink with vannila ears and pale brown legs. She has bright hot pink cheeks and a cone-themed crown that is pale brown and tan. Her hair is a mixture of brown and pink yarn.
  • Mocha: Mocha is Brown with very pale, creamy white hair and markings decorating her body with a few sprinkles decorating it. She has bright, light pink cheeks and a big cherry on the top of her head.
  • Lady B: Lady B. is pale pink with pale cheeks and a red-pink body with big black spots. Her hair and antennae are pink-red also, while the wings are pale pink.
  • Mallow: Mallow is white with pale, blonde hair and pink cheeks. She has brown antennae, and a pink ribbon around her neck.
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