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Lalaloopsy Tinies are a line of micro-sized Lalaloopsies that were first released in 2014 and feature over 100 collectable characters.


All of the original Lalaloopsy characters are now tiny, and every one is sew different and totally collectible! With over 100 Tinies available, you can choose from 3 packs, 10 packs, or even a Play 'n' Go house that you can carry them all in and play wherever you go!

Series Assortments

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Mittens' Snow Day

Crumbs' Bakery

Bea's Schoolhouse

Rosy's Pet Hospital

Blossom's Garden Party

Jewel's Palace

Mittens 1.jpg
Crumbs 1.jpg
Bea 1.jpg
Rosy 1.jpg
Blossom 1.jpg
Jewel 1.jpg

Series 5 TInies.jpeg

Series 6

Jewel's Boutique

Crumbs' Café

Rosy's Care Center

Sunny's Farm

Jewel's Princesses

Storm E.'s Rock Band

Crumbs' Sweet Friends

Spot's Artists

Rosy's Patients

Dot's Feathered Friends

  • 657: Dot Starlight (Glitter)
  • 658: Bird
  • 659: Parrot
  • 660: Mystery Pet

Play 'n' Go

Crumbs' House

Jewel's House

Rosy's Pet Hospital

Sew Royal Castle


Scoops' House

Tippy's House

Curls' House

Scarlet's House


Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewelry Maker Playset

Lalaloopsy-Tinies-Jewelry-Maker.jpg Design and create your very own jewelry with the Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewelry Maker Play Set!


  • Automatically strings beads
  • Includes four Lalaloopsy Tinies, Jewel Sparkles, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, and a Persian cat.
  • Four steps to create adorable accesories:
    1. Choose a lanyard string color
    2. Choose a bead color from the ferris wheel and drop them into the jewelry maker
    3. Press the button to turn on the jewelry maker and watch the beads get stringed magically
    4. Add Tinies dolls to your jewelry
  • Sew many designs to create!


  • The Tinies line is the successor to the Micro Lalaloopsy line.
  • Rosy's name is misspelled as Rosie on the "Rosy's Pet Hospital" packaging label.
  • Each Tiny has holes in them, allowing you to turn them into jewelry.
  • In Seasons 3 and 4, the Lalaloopsy Tinies come with a jewelry pack instead of a surprise character.