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Mango's hut is where Mango, Pineapple Bird, Kiwi, and Coconut reside. It is located on the Island of the Smoky Peak. Very few people come to visit her hut. Her hut has no walls, unlike the other Lalaloopsies' houses. She has no tables, chairs, fridges, sinks, or ovens. She has a hammock for a bed. This could imply that she may be poorer than the other residents of Lalaloopsy Land.

She does however, have more land than any of the Lalaloopsies. She has room to dance, play, and host luaus.


Her house is an island bungalow-type building. She has a flower pathway leading to the steps, a bunch of coconuts, and what looks like a coconut drink on top of the roof of her home. She has no tables or chairs or ovens or skins or fridges like everyone else. She also has a place to hang her mask. She has a hammock for a bed.

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