Matey Anchors is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest sailor! He adores the life on sea. Ranging from making and playing with paper sailboats to swimming the doggie paddle! Matey is the little brother of Marina Anchors. Much like Marina, he has a liking to making knots. But he cannot untie them just yet...

About Matey



Matey is fair skinned with pale pink blushing cheeks and basic black eyes. His hair is a very bright frosted blue color with curvy bangs that frame his face and  a single curl that reaches his left eye, along with a small cowlick-like piece of hair in the center of his head. On his head, Matey wears a white sailors cap with a single blue line on it.

Matey wears a red and white striped top with a deep blue neckerchief/cloth, white shorts with golden buttons by the pocket, and deep blue sneakers with white soles and white accessories to match his socks.


Matey has an orange pet crab that lacks the normal blushing cheeks. It's eyes are black with the left eye winking. There is binding around the smaller claw.


Main article: Marina's lighthouse

Matey lives with his sister in a lighthouse that resides on the beach. A slide can be seen sticking out of it.


  • "Matey" is a typical term for someone on a ship, but usually they are just called a mate.
  • Matey is the only boy Lalaloopsy Little.
  • Matey is one of the few males with a non-basic hair coloring, the only other male who shares this trait is Wacky Hatter, who has bright fuchsia hair.
  • Mateys' name was originally Captain, as visible on the Lalaloopsy website.
  • Matey's hat is removable.
  • July 1st is Paper Boat Day.
  • Matey and Wacky are the only boy dolls to have a hair color no other boy doll has.
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