Mermaid Opal is fearless, friendly, and curious as can be. Eager for adventure, she often leaps before she looks! Even when things don't go as hoped, this sunny swimmer always sees the bright side. More than anything, she loves discovering new friends.

About Opal


Opal is pink skinned with slightly darker pink arms and cheeks. Her eyes are black and she has a tiny orange star by her left eye. Her hair is multiple shades of orange with curved bangs and multiple loose curls of hair framing her face. She wears her hair in curly buns at the top of her head with star and pearl barrettes.

Opal wears an orange seashell shaped bikini top and she has a pink mermaid tail with pink and orange tail fins. On her mermaid tail are orange pearly decorations and at her waist is a semi-translucent orange and pink two-layer skirt piece.

She is also shown to have a pearl seashell purse.


Opal's pet is a pink octopus with a big orange bow on its head. Its eyes are normal black buttons and its cheeks are pink.


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  • Opal and Water Lily are the only mermaid Lala-Oopsies to be made into full size.
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