Mermaid Water Lily loves to cozy up anywhere close to home. She never dives right into adventures but she can go with the flow when she sees how important it is to her friends!

Water Lily is also very sensible and practical, sticking to her same routines every day. She always gets a lot done.

About Water Lily


Water Lily is a pretty pink skinned girl with normal black button eyes and bright pink blushing cheeks. Her hair is teal in color with mostly straight bangs and few loose curls on her bangs and framing her head. She wears her hair up in a messy, curled ponytail/bun with a pearl and star themed tiara-piece. She has soft blue polka dots all throughout her hair. She has an orange striped left arm.

Water Lily wears a hot pink top and a shimmering orange mermaid tail with pink stars and pink and reddish fade tail fin. At her waist is a semi-translucent orange and hot pink piece of material.

She can often be seen with a pearled purse.


Water Lily's pet is a teal colored jellyfish with a thin layer of soft pink markings around its neck and a pink bow. It has dark pink cheeks and normal black button eyes.


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  • Out of the 4 part mermaid series only she and Mermaid Opal have been made large so far.
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