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Mini Lalaloopsy are miniature Lalaloopsy characters that can fit in the palm of a person's hand. They're sold in little packages shaped like houses and each come with accessories complimenting their personalities and interests. Many characters also come in several different versions, called editions. Not all minis are assorted by series and can only be acquired through special vehicle or playset merchandise. Their outfits usually vary and tend to be recolors, and their pets are often colored differently.

Unlike the standard size dolls, Mini Lalaloopsy do not come with collectible posters. Each miniature doll is about three inches tall and does not feature removable clothing like their larger versions.

In late 2014, the line was renamed to Lalaloopsy Minis. Along with the rename came a new package style which is not shaped like the doll's house. When the Netflix series released in 2017, the Minis had removable outfits. The Minis returned to their previous style and name in 2022 for the 10th anniversary.

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Series Assortments

Series 1

  1. Pillow Featherbed
  2. Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  3. Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
  4. Peanut Big Top
  5. Spot Splatter Splash
  6. Jewel Sparkles
  7. Dot Starlight
  8. Bea Spells-a-Lot

Series 2

  1. Sunny Side Up
  2. Berry Jars 'N' Jam
  3. Blossom Flowerpot
  4. Tippy Tumblelina
  5. Pepper Pots 'N' Pans
  6. Misty Mysterious
  7. Sahara Mirage
  8. Marina Anchors

Series 3

  1. Mittens' Sleepover (2nd edition)
  2. Spot Paints Purple (2nd edition)
  3. Peanut's New Trick (2nd edition)
  4. Pillow's Story Time (2nd edition)
  5. Sir Battlescarred
  6. Lady Stillwaiting
  7. Ace Fender Bender
  8. Swirly Figure Eight

Series 4

  1. Bea Plays in the Rain (2nd edition)
  2. Marina's Beach Day (2nd edition)
  3. Pepper's Midnight Snack (2nd edition)
  4. Mittens Bundles Up (3rd edition)
  5. Marina's Sea Adventure (3rd edition)
  6. Misty's Full of Tricks (2nd edition)
  7. Sahara's Desert Dream (2nd edition)
  8. Pepper Cooks Up Fun (3rd edition)

Series 5

  1. Peanut's Elephant Act (3rd edition)
  2. Crumbs' Tea Time (3rd edition)
  3. Jewel's Bubble Bath (2nd edition)
  4. Lady Writes a Poem (2nd edition)
  5. Spot's New Masterpiece (3rd edition)
  6. Patch's Treasure Hunt (2nd edition)
  7. Forest Evergreen

Series 6

  1. Ember Flicker Flame
  2. Peppy Pom Poms
  3. Berry's Blueberry Party (2nd edition)
  4. Blossom's a Busy Bee (2nd edition)
  5. Suzette La Sweet
  6. Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises
  7. Prairie Dusty Trails
  8. Toffee Cocoa Cuddles

Series 7 - Fairy Tales Collection

  1. Scarlet Riding Hood
  2. Little Bah Peep
  3. Tuffet Miss Muffet
  4. Curls N Locks
  5. Pix E. Flutters
  6. Coral Sea Shells
  7. Pete R. Canfly
  8. Snowy Fairest
  9. Alice in Lalaloopsyland & Wacky Hatter
  10. Cinder Slippers & Prince Handsome

Series 8 - Shoppes and Sew Sleepy Collections

  1. Cherry Crisp Crust / Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy
  2. Bun Bun Sticky Icing / Choco Whirl Swirl
  3. Scoops Waffle Cone / Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze
  4. Jelly Wiggle Jiggle / Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble
  5. Peanut Big Top
  6. Peppy Pom Poms
  7. Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  8. Pix E. Flutters

Series 9 - Candy Cute Collection and Misc.

  1. Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop
  2. Toasty Sweet Fluff
  3. Sugar Fruit Drops
  4. Twist E. Twirls
  5. Mango Tiki Wiki
  6. Feather Tell-a-Tale
  7. Harmony B. Sharp
  8. Dyna Might

Series 10 - Sew Snowy & Silly Funhouse Collections

  1. Jewel Sparkles / Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
  2. Marina Anchors / Snowy Fairest
  3. Sahara Mirage / Bea Spells-a-Lot
  4. Ace Fender Bender / Holly Sleighbells
  5. Peanut Big Top & Ember Flicker Flame
  6. Charlotte Charades & Blossom Flowerpot

Series 11 - Golden Brick Road Collection & Misc.

  1. Dotty Gale Winds
  2. Baley Sticks N. Straws
  3. Kitty B. Brave
  4. Tinny Ticker
  5. Pickles B.L.T.
  6. Cloud E. Sky
  7. April Sunsplash
  8. Kat Jungle Roar

Series 12

  1. Haley Galaxy
  2. Confetti Carnivale
  3. Peggy Seven Seas
  4. Teddy Honey Pots

Series 13 - Flower Garden Collection

  1. Mari Golden Petals
  2. Rosebud Longstem
  3. Happy Daisy Crown
  4. Bluebell Dewdrop

Series 13 - Gemstone Collection

  1. Clarity Glitter Gazer
  2. Charms Seven Carat
  3. Bijou Treasure Trove
  4. Dazzle 'N' Gleam

Series 13

  1. Winter Snowflake
  2. Mint E. Stripes
  3. Yuki Kimono
  4. Smile E. Wishes

Series 14 - Lalaloopsy Mini Wave 1

  1. Sweetie Candy Ribbon
  2. Queenie Red Heart
  3. Frost I.C. Cone
  4. Candle Slice O' Cake

Series 14 - Lalaloopsy Mini Wave 2

  1. Furry Grrs-a-Lot
  2. Star Magic Spells
  3. Pearly Seafoam
  4. Goldie Luxe

Series 15 - Sugary Sweet Collection

  1. Whirly Stretchy Locks
  2. Blush Pink Pastry
  3. Grapevine Stripes
  4. Sugar Fruit Drops

Series 15 - The Musical Collection

  1. Strings Pick 'N' Strum
  2. Keys Sharps 'N' Flats
  3. Sticks Boom Crash

Series 15 - The Seasons Collection

  1. Seed Sunburst
  2. June Seashore
  3. Autumn Spice
  4. Sweater Snowstorm

Series 15 - Super Silly Party Collection

  1. Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
  2. Peanut Big Top
  3. Jewel Sparkles
  4. Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Series 16 - Fruit Collection

  1. Water Mellie Seeds
  2. Tart Berry Basket
  3. Piña Tropi-Callie
  4. Tangerine Citrus Zest

Series 16 - Cheerful Collection

  1. Whistle Kick 'N' Score
  2. Fluffy Pouncy Paws
  3. Mona Arch Wings
  4. Allegra Leaps 'N' Bounds

Series 16 - Bug Collection

  1. Lucky Lil' Bug
  2. Plum Flitter Flutter
  3. Royal T. Honey Stripes
  4. Darling Brightside

Series 17 - Yummy Collection

  1. Pizza Cutie Pie
  2. Fries Curls 'N' Crinkles
  3. Anna Double Scoops
  4. Patty Burgers 'N' Buns

Netflix Series

Series 1 - Mystery Paint Can

  1. Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop
  2. Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble
  3. Scoops Waffle Cone
  4. Sugar Fruit Drops
  5. Toasty Sweet Fluff
  6. Candle Slice O' Cake (glitter)
  7. Jewel Sparkles
  8. Teddy Honey Pots
  9. Bouncer Fluffy Tail
  10. May Little Spring
  11. Furry Grrs-a-Lot
  12. Ember Flicker Flame (fuzzy)
  13. Charms Seven Carat
  14. Ivory Ice Crystals
  15. Queenie Red Heart
  16. Suzette La Sweet
  17. Cinder Slippers
  18. Goldie Luxe (gold)
  19. Seed Sunburst
  20. Bluebell Dewdrop
  21. Mari Golden Petals
  22. Lucky Lil' Bug
  23. Blossom Flowerpot
  24. Pix E. Flutters (glitter)

Series 2 - Mystery Paint Can

  1. Crumbs Sugar Cookie: Birthday Party, Tea Time, Bake Sale, Best Friends, Sleepover
  2. Spot Splatter Splash: Painting Party, Sleepover, Art Show, Studio Time, Carnival
  3. Storm E. Sky: Best Friends, Concert, Rainy Day, Rock Out, Sleepover
  4. Jewel Sparkles: Primp & Prep, Sunny Day, Sleepover, Best Friends, Grand Ball
  5. Berry Jars 'N' Jam: Pancake & Syrup
  6. Sunny Side Up: Sunny Side
  7. Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises: House Call
  8. Dot Starlight: Star Gazing

Series 3 - Mystery Purse

  1. Outdoor Fun: Sunny Side Up, Marina Anchors, Blossom Flowerpot, April Sunsplash
  2. Sugary Sweet: Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Bun Bun Sticky Icing, Scoops Waffle Cone, Peanut Big Top, Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze
  3. Dress-Up: Coral Sea Shells, Swirly Figure Eight, Fluffy Pouncy Paws, Pix E. Flutters, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
  4. Royal Court: Jewel Sparkles, Clarity Glitter Gazer, Cinder Slippers, Suzette La Sweet, Ivory Ice Crystals
  5. Indoor Fun: Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises, Bea Spells-a-Lot, Spot Splatter Splash, Storm E. Sky, Dot Starlight

Series 4 - Mystery Purse

  1. Rosebud Longstem
  2. Blush Pink Pastry
  3. Valentina Hugs 'n' Kisses
  4. Sugar Fruit Drops
  5. Jewel Sparkles (Glitter)
  6. Misty Mysterious
  7. Harmony B. Sharp
  8. Peanut Big Top
  9. Charlotte Charades
  10. Pickles B.L.T.
  11. Sweetie Candy Ribbon
  12. Toffee Cocoa Cuddles
  13. Sand E. Starfish
  14. Dazzle 'N' Gleam (Glitter)
  15. Storm E. Sky
  16. Velvet B. Mine
  17. Boo Scaredy Cat
  18. Bijou Treasure Trove (Glitter)
  19. Confetti Carnivale
  20. Berry Jars 'N' Jam
  21. Spot Splatter Splash
  22. Candle Slice O' Cake (Glitter)
  23. Holly Sleighbells (Glitter)
  24. Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Special Holiday Edition Minis

These special and once a year-only miniatures are sold at Target during their respective holiday season, thus making them truly collector's items as they're sold during a short window of time. 

Valentine's Day




Sisters - Mini Lalaloopsy Littles

  1. Sprinkle Spice Cookie & Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  2. Bundles Snuggle Stuff & Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
  3. Specs Reads-a-Lot & Bea Spells-a-Lot
  4. Squirt Lil Top & Peanut Big Top
  5. Scribbles Splash & Spot Splatter Splash
  6. Trinket Sparkles & Jewel Sparkles
  7. Blanket Featherbed & Pillow Featherbed
  8. Twinkle N. Flutters & Pix E. Flutters
  9. Stumbles Bumps 'N' Bruises & Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises
  10. Pita Mirage & Sahara Mirage
  11. Tricky Mysterious & Misty Mysterious
  12. Trouble Dusty Trails & Prairie Dusty Trails
  13. Blossom Flowerpot & Petal Flowerpot
  14. Mango Tiki Wiki & Kiwi Tiki Wiki
  15. Tippy Tumblelina & Twisty Tumblelina
  16. Suzette La Sweet & Mimi La Sweet
  17. Scoops Waffle Cone & Spoons Waffle Cone
  18. Kat Jungle Roar & Whiskers Lion's Roar
  19. Charlotte Charades & Sherri Charades
  20. Dyna Might & Tiny Might
  21. Scarlet Riding Hood & Cape Riding Hood
  22. Little Bah Peep & Bow Bah Peep
  23. Snowy Fairest & Beauty Fairest
  24. Cinder Slippers & Ribbon Slippers

Loopy Hair

  1. Jewel Sparkles
  2. Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
  3. Peanut Big Top
  4. Spot Splatter Splash
  5. Bea Spells-a-Lot
  6. Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  7. Pix E. Flutters
  8. Tippy Tumblelina

Moments in Time

  1. "Flight PlanPix E. Flutters
  2. "Princess Parade" Peanut Big Top
  3. "Spot-itisRosy Bumps 'N' Bruises
  4. "Batter Up!" Berry Jars 'N' Jam
  5. "By the Book" Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  6. "Trunk Show" Pillow Featherbed
  7. "Princess Spaghetti Day" Jewel Sparkles

Silly Singers

Mini Pet Pals

Mini Lala-Oopsies

Limited Gold Edition

Sew magical, sew cute, and now sew gold!

One pack includes Spot Splatter Splash, Trinket Sparkles, Jewel Sparkles, and a Persian cat.

The other includes Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Squirt Lil' Top, Peanut Big Top, and an elephant.



  • Class Picture
  • Tales
  • Sweet Bakery


  • School Days
  • Silly Sleepover


  • Jewel, Sir and Lady
  • Sahara, Ace and Peanut
  • Sweets Fair

Style 'N' Swap


  • Carry Along Playhouse with Cinder Slippers
  • Fashion Boutique with Suzette La Sweet
  • Salon with Cherie Prim 'N' Proper
  • Storm E.'s Camper

Deluxe Doll Packs

  • Princess with Confetti Carnivale and Jewel Sparkles
  • Mermaid with Sand E Starfish and Coral Sea Shells
  • Storm E. Sky and Jewel Sparkles (Netflix Series)
  • Spot Splatter Splash and Crumbs Sugar Cookie (Netflix Series)

Single Doll Packs

  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  • Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff
  • Peanut Big Top
  • Spot Splatter Splash

Princess Collection

  • Princess Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  • Princess Jewel Sparkles
  • Princess Mittens Fluff "n" Stuff
  • Princess Peanut Big Top

Netflix Series

  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie
  • Jewel Sparkles
  • Spot Splatter Splash
  • Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises

2022 Series 1 Mini Dolls

Main article: Mini Lalaloopsy 2022

2022 Series 2 Mini Dolls


  • Dot Starlight is the only original mini with no other variation.
    Original 8 Mini Lalaloopsy Cast.jpg
  • Mini Cinder Slippers has a darker skin tone than her large doll
  • Some large dolls are sold with their mini versions sealed inside their boxes - most notable are Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises, & Pix E. Flutters.
  • Some minis do not have freckles painted on their faces, regardless if their large dolls do.
  • Littles minis do not have movable arms or legs like standard minis, but their heads do turn.
  • The Sew Snowy collection is incorrectly labeled as Series 10 #1-4 when those slots are occupied by the Silly Funhouse collection. This is most likely an oversight.
  • The Shoppes collection is incorrectly labeled as Series 8 #5-8 when those slots are occupied by the Sew Sleepy collection. This is most likely an oversight.
  • The 8-pack sets do not come with the dolls' accessories that only come when they are purchased individually.
  • The most elusive and hardest to obtain minis are the limited edition holiday minis because they are sold primarily through Target and are on the shelves for a short window of time. 
  • Peanut Big Top has the widest variety of minis with 6 total.
  • Starting with Series 11, packages are no longer reusable.
  • Sand E. Starfish and Cherie Prim 'N' Proper have only been made into Style 'N' Swap.