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Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff Wants a Snow Day is the second webisode.


Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff tries to show the others the joy of snowy cold weather.


Mittens is very happy to have snow around whenever she wishes. She decides to invite the others over so that they can enjoy the snow also. However, Jewel and Crumbs like this warm, sunny weather and have plans to go to the beach. Before leaving, they ask Mittens if she wants to come also, but she tells them she will think about it.

Mittens then piles up a bunch of snow in the nearby wagon so she can show everyone that snow days are just as much fun as sunny days are.

At the beach, Jewel is water skiing, Crumbs is playing on the shore, Spot is building a sandcastle, and Pillow is resting on a towel. Mittens shows up and begins a snowball fight, thinking that the others will have even more fun. Unfortunately, she misses, as Pillow turns to her side and quickly melts.

Mittens asks Jewel Sparkles to borrow her skis. She throws down some snow on two very big sandy hills and then using the skis, she slides down them! It goes fine until the other three get covered in water. Then Mittens tries using her tools to make a slide out of ice from the pile of snow. Polar Bear slides down first, followed by the girls, but the ice slide begins to melt too!

Mittens feels a little bad as she hands the others a towel to dry off. She decides to leave with her wagon and Polar Bear, until she is stopped by the other three. Maybe the weather isn't best for a snow day, but there is still one useful thing they could all enjoy.

So Mittens makes everybody snow cones as they thank her for making the perfect treat for such a warm day.


Mittens: "Isn't this snow beautiful, Polar Bear!?

Jewel: "Hi Mittens, we're heading for the beach!"

Mittens: "Come on, Polar Bear!"

Jewel: "Mittens, wait! We need you!"

Mittens: "One for you, Crumbs! One for you, Spot! And one for Pillow when she wakes up!"

Jewel: "These snowcones are delicious!"

Mittens: "Maybe beach days aren't so bad!"

Pillow: (Snores)






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