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Mona Arch Wings is Lalaloopsy Land's butterfly enthusiast. She is a real social butterfly who doesn't always have time to stop and smell the roses. When she's on the go, she makes sure to stay hydrated with her favorite drink: Lilac nectar juice. Her name is based off of a monarch butterfly as well as her beautiful wings.

About Mona


Mona is a tanned girl with black eyes and light pink cheeks. She has fuchsia curly hair that is pulled into buns held by a few braids with the rest of her hairs curling loosely. On each bun she wears a clip composed of multiple goldenrod butterflies to match her butterfly wings. On top of her head she has black antennae.

Mona's dress is orange in eight separate petals lined by black with tiny white dots. On each petal is a pale beige-yellow line design, giving her dress the resemblance of the monarch butterfly wings. She has a pink braided belt to match the pink tulle sleeves and material sticking out beneath her dress. She wears goldenrod boots with black lines, fuchsia dots, and a single orange bow on top of each boot. Her legs are covered by hot pink and black striped leggings.


Mona's pet is a light and dark pink caterpillar with black antennae and eyes.


Mona Arch Wings - poster.jpg

Her house is a cocoon with pink window shutters and rope ladder.


  • August 23rd is Ride the Wind Day.
  • Her name and outfit are based off of a monarch butterfly.