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The Moon (in Greek: σελήνη Selene, in Latin: Luna) is Earth's only natural satellite and is also Haley Galaxy's homeworld.

Physical characteristics

The moon is made of "Chwiss" (cheddar and Swiss cheese) and has a bouncy surface.


Before Haley's discovery, according Bea's book about the moon, it was thought that the moon had sparkly little critters inhabiting its surface.


It is believed that the Moon's inhabitants are technologically advanced and are likely years ahead from what Lalaloopsy Land currently has. One proof was Haley's first arrival to Earth before Dot could even reach the Moon herself.


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No known explorer has ever visited and explored the lunar surface. Dot Starlight was supposed to be the first outsider to visit the moon, but her mission was postponed when her rocket's engine was destroyed by Crumbs' mouse. Her course was to a take straightforward path to the moon which takes 30 minutes to travel. To date, the moon remains unexplored by Earth's inhabitants.


It has an unnamed native language which the only known speaker is Haley herself. Dot could barely understand and can speak little of it.

Areas of Interest

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