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"What do you mean it's kind of a secret?"
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No Laughing Matter is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 2 of the Lalaloopsy™ TV Series. It is the fifty-first episode overall.


When Peanut's prank on Dyna backfires and Cookie Mouse ends up in danger, Peanut decides to stop being funny.


It is a sunny day in Lalaloopsy Land. Dyna Might appears to be flying while making whooshing sounds, but it turns out she and her sidekick Raccoon are running, only pretending to fly. Meanwhile, Peanut Big Top and Elephant are hiding in a nearby bush, waiting for the super-heroine to open the prank gift she got for her.

Dyna Might spots the present, and she is about to open it when Raccoon stops her, since he believes it's a trick. As Raccoon shakes it, he tosses it, and it lands next to Peanut Big Top and Elephant. When Peanut opens it, springs fly out and land on her. After Dyna Might talks in her low dramatic voice, Peanut admits the event was funny, even though the prank backfired. Dyna Might tells Peanut to give it up, claiming she is too clever to be fooled by her practical jokes. Peanut responds, saying "I'm not out of pranks yet, Dyna Might!", then does a kooky laugh.

Later, Dyna Might and her sidekick jump on a trampoline until Peanut and Elephant come back with some refreshing lemonade and offer it to them. She suggests that Dyna Might and Raccoon should go enjoy the beverages under a particular tree. Dyna Might suspects there is something fishy going on, and she and Raccoon decide to instead sit on another log under another tree.

It turns out that Dyna Might sitting under a different tree was part of Peanut's plan all along. While Dyna Might drinks her lemonade, Peanut hides behind the tree and tries to pull the rope so that a bucket drops feathers on her. Unfortunately for Peanut, Raccoon sees the rope and climbs up the tree. He then releases the bucket of feathers, which falls on Peanut. After Dyna Might celebrates her second victory over her, Peanut exclaims she's not giving up yet.

Peanut has made a balloon shape of a Lalaloopsy Little (that resembles Sprinkle Spice Cookie) to trick Dyna Might into thinking it's a real Little that needs saving from being tangled in a bush. After Peanut leaves to tell Dyna, a gust of wind blows the balloon up in a tree.

Meanwhile at Crumbs' house, her little sister Sprinkle is outside with Little Mouse drawing a picture of them sitting on a tree. Crumbs then calls her little sister, saying that the cupcakes are done and that she should come in if she wants to learn how to decorate and frost them. As Crumbs shows her little sister how to frost and decorate cupcakes, Blossom's Butterfly flies by until she sees Cookie Mouse, who promptly runs outside the door. Mouse tells Crumbs what happened, and it turns out that Sprinkle had forgotten to close the door. So, Crumbs tells her little sister to stay in the kitchen while she looks for Little Mouse.

Little Mouse sees Blossom's Butterfly resting on a tree and tries to climb up. But then, she slides down the branch until Crumbs catches her. After they return home, Crumbs makes Sprinkle promise to always keep the door closed. Crumbs then notices she forgot strawberries and tells her little sister to stay put until she gets back. Sprinkle goes outside to draw more pictures and shows a drawing to Cookie Mouse, but she notices she forgot to close the door and that Little Mouse went out again.

Little Mouse and Butterfly are playing together until Butterfly lands on a tree for a second and then flies away. Little Mouse then sees Peanut's Little balloon on the tree, and she mistakes it for the real Sprinkle and climbs up. She forgets she's scared of heights, and now she's on the tree!

Meanwhile, Peanut arrives at Dyna's house and speaks through her mega phone, saying that she found a Little tangled up in the bushes. Dyna comes out, but has to make sure Peanut's not fooling her. Peanut tells her to hurry and there's no time, so Dyna and her sidekick rush to the rescue.

When Peanut tries to show Dyna the Little, it is gone. Realizing that Peanut was lying, Dyna Might says in her low voice, "Peanut Big Top strikes again." Peanut and Dyna then see Little Mouse stuck in a tree, and Peanut exclaims that this wasn't part of her prank. Dyna Might uses her grabbing hook to cling onto one of the tree's branches. Raccoon then climbs on the rope from the grappling hook and rescues Little Mouse. Once Little Mouse is saved, Dyna Might tells Peanut not to be hard on herself and that there's a time and place for silliness, just not all the time. After Dyna Might leaves to take Cookie Mouse to Crumbs' house, Peanut has to go home to because she's got some serious thinking to do.

Dyna Might returns Cookie Mouse to Sprinkle, who gives her and Raccoon a hug to thank them. As Dyna tries to dash away, Sprinkle still clings onto her leg. To get rid of her, Dyna makes her hug a tree and runs away while making whooshing sounds. Sprinkle admits to Little Mouse that she feels mortified about leaving the door open when Crumbs was gone.

Meanwhile, Peanut has created numerous laugh-free signs and placed them all over her house's surroundings. Elephant starts laughing, but Peanut tells him to stop. Peanut decides to give away all her clown stuff.

When Crumbs comes back, she tells Sprinkle that she's heard about Peanut giving away her stuff, but then she sees her little sister in bed. Crumbs states that she'd better find Rosy.

At Peanut's house, Rosy and Blossom come to visit Peanut as she announces that she is giving away anything "remotely funny, chuckle-causing, rib-tickling, or side-splitting". As she's about to show the girls everything, she steps on her horn and trips.

When Rosy, Blossom, and their pets see Peanut with a funny wig with a beanie and glasses, they start to laugh. Peanut offers to give them her clown shoes, and Rosy thinks they're the funniest thing she ever seen. When Elephant takes the shoes off, Peanut lands on a picture frame, which makes Rosy and Blossom laugh even harder. Peanut gives her squirting flower to Blossom so she can use it for her flowers. But when Peanut tries to make the water come out, it doesn't come out. Then, the water squirts into Peanut's face, which not only causes to Blossom laugh again, but also makes her think it's another one of Peanut's clown acts.

Frustrated, Peanut then exclaims she's even giving away her clown car and offers it to Rosy so she can drive it on her medical rounds. But Rosy does not want the car, so Peanut tries to give it to Blossom so she can use it as a wheelbarrow or a giant planter. Blossom makes a deal that she'll borrow it until she wants it back, and Peanut allows her to do it.

After Blossom uses the car to drive Rosy home, Peanut sets off to go somewhere that is so unfunny that laughing is impossible. She tells Elephant he can come with her if he promises not to laugh at anything funny.

Meanwhile, Blossom is still driving Rosy home until Crumbs arrives and tells them that Sprinkle feels bad and she doesn't know what's wrong. Crumbs hops onto the car. When Rosy takes Sprinkle's temperature, she says she does not have a fever, but she still has to ask her questions. She asks Sprinkle if her tummy aches, if her hair hurts, and if she can hear what she's thinking; Sprinkle responds "No" to all of Rosy's questions.

Peanut asks Elephant what's the unfunniest place he can think of, and the answer is the snowy hills. They are getting cold, but Peanut starts rolling down into a snowball down a hill and lands on the snow, which makes Elephant laugh.

Next, they come across the dessert since it's "truly desolate and laughless." Suddenly, the desert wind blows all of Peanut's stuff out of the bag, which land on a group of cacti. Elephant laughs again.

As they come to rest in the woods, Peanut thinks they finally found a place that's unfunny. She sits on a log and eats the giggle nuts that Forest ate before. Peanut then hears her own stomach giggling.

Meanwhile, Rosy tells Crumbs that there's nothing wrong with Sprinkle, except that she might be suffering from the blahs, and the only cure to it is laughing. Blossom tells her a joke: "How do new gardeners learn how to garden? By Trowel and Error!"

Sprinkle is unamused, and Rosy says that this is a job for Peanut since she's a professional. Crumbs says that nobody has seen Peanut since her big giveaway. Blossom says she'll go find Peanut while Rosy and Crumbs stay home with Sprinkle and Little Mouse.

As Blossom drives the car, she finds Dyna Might and Raccoon jumping up and down on a trampoline and asks them if they've seen Peanut. Blossom tells Dyna about Sprinkle's blahs and that Peanut needs to make her laugh. Dyna says she'll use her super sight to find her. She is about to run off when Blossom tells her it will be faster if they use the car, so she jumps on the car and off they go.

When they come to the circus, Blossom knocks on the door, but Peanut isn't home. Dyna sees Peanut's no laughing signs, and Blossom tells her that Peanut doesn't want to be funny anymore. Dyna then notices she left behind clown shoes and that she vanished without a trace. They know they have to find Peanut to get her to change her mind and cheer Sprinkle up. Dyna Might says "To the clown mobile!" in a low voice as she and Blossom jump in the car and drive off.

Blossom and Dyna Might drive past the snowy hills and the dessert. Finally, they arrive at the woods and find Peanut and Elephant near a tent.

Peanut shares her plans to live in the woods with Elephant until Blossom and Dyna Might tell her that Sprinkle needs her help. Peanut isn't sure if she can help her until Dyna Might reminds her that there's a time for silliness, and now's the time. Peanut feels a lot better and is ready to save the day.

Back at Crumbs' house, Rosy has brought in a Mood Checker-Upper to tell them how bad the blahs have gotten. It says that it's no use and that Sprinkle needs a big laugh. Luckily, Dr. Peanut is in the house! Peanut apologizes to Sprinkle about her trying to prank Dyna Might and how Cookie Mouse got up in the tree, and Sprinkle tells Crumbs that she left the door open again and didn't want to tell her because she would be upset. Big Sister Crumbs then gives her a hug. Sprinkle and Peanut both feel a lot better.

Peanut's work is done, and Dyna Might returns the clown shoes to her. Peanut gives Dyna Might her squirting flower, which squirts water on her. While Dyna is surprised at first, she finds it hilarious. Both the girls start laughing as the episode ends.




  • In one scene, Dyna picks up her cape and drapes it around her arm in a similar fashion to Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Dyna speaks in a Batman-like voice again.
  • Peanut wears Groucho Marx glasses in one scene.
  • The giggle nuts from Belly Laugh appear again.