Patch's Treasure Hunt is a minigame staring Patch Treasurechest. The goal of this game is to guide Patch
Patch Game
around while trying to find the keys to unlock the treasure chest hidden in the level.

The genre seems to be adventure, puzzle, and action possibly. It can be played on the Lalaloopy website.

Also feel free to check out the Online Games page on the official Lalaloopsy website.


The time limit per round/level is 3 minutes. As you play some keys, which you need to collect five of in order to unlock the treasure chest may appear in chest. Otherwise, they will be empty, or with a coin.

You only have three tries per game, so once you use them up you get a game over and have to start all over.


To play correctly, use the following keys:

  • Down: Kick
  • Left: Move left
  • Right: move right
  • Up: Jump
  • Up 2x: double jump


  • When hit by something, or falling (sometimes) Patch will make noise. Should he ever been given a speaking role, this may possibly be his voice.