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Patch Treasurechest is the greatest collector of treasure in all of Lalaloopsy Land. He's a clutter bug who loves to collect shiny things and he likes to travel, but he has trouble following maps. His name is based off of his signature eye-patch he wears, as well as his bountiful chest of valuable treasure he has amassed.

About Patch


Patch Pattern.png

Patch is a fair-skinned boy with peach-pink cheeks and black eyes. He wears a black eye-patch over his left eye. He has ear-length golden locks of hair styled in plain curls.

Patch's attire is very pirate-like. It consists of a red and black striped T-shirt with a skull and crossbones icon at the center over a plain white long sleeved shirt. His sand-colored khaki shorts end below his knees. His shoes are plain black and white tennis shoes.


Patch's pet is a parrot. His body is green with a yellow tummy and feet along with an open yellow beak and red tuft of feathers on top of his head resembling a mohawk. He has a big white marking around both black eyes, one of which is winking.


Patch's home is a ship cut in half with a giant treasure chest in the middle connecting the ship to a base. He hides his treasures in his home and lives on a beach. His parrot has its own giant cage.


  • September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Despite wearing an eye patch, Patch has both of his eyes. He most likely wears the eye patch as a decoration.
  • Excluding the pets, Patch is the first male character to appear in the toyline.


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