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Peanut Big Top Learns to Ride the Unicycle is the third webisode.


Peanut Big Top takes her new unicycle for a ride, with consequences.


One day, Peanut gets onto her unicycle while trying to convince Elephant to join her. She doesn't think it will be hard but soon learns she is very wrong as it wobbles and causes her to roll away!

Peanut is unable to control the unicycle, and she accidentally destroys Mittens' igloo. Next, she passes Jewel putting on a show for Kitty. She runs over her stage apologizing, and Jewel tells her to be careful. Peanut continues along the path until she passes Bea who is selling books. Peanut bumps into the stand, causing all of the books to fall! She apologizes again, but Bea only tells her to be careful before she takes a book off of her head and starts reading.

At Spot's house, she is overlooking the recent paint job she'd done to her house. She asks Zebra to get her the purple paint when suddenly Peanut arrives and accidentally goes through the many paint buckets, covering poor Spot in blue paint. Thankfully, this crash brings Peanut to a halt!

As Peanut stands up, she begins to wonder if she wasn't meant to ride on a unicycle. But when the others show up with training wheels, it is much easier to ride, and Peanut pedals away with Elephant.


Peanut: "I've never ridden one of these before, but how hard can it be?"

Mittens: "Hi, Peanut! Bye, Peanut!"

Jewel: "Kitty thought it was a good show anyway!"

Spot: "Be careful, Peanut! Paint can get.....Messy!"

Bea: "I've never read this one before!"




  • This is one of the rare few times that an armless pet is shown with an arm (Kitty).



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