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Peggy Seven Seas is one of Lalaloopsy Land's biggest treasure-loving pirates. She likes to sail her ship to new and exciting places, and loves to put secret messages in a bottle that she tosses out to sea. Her name is based off of a pirate's typical wooden peg leg, as well as her love for the sea - which there are seven!

About Peggy


Peggy has a light brown skin color with bright rosy-pink cheeks and black button eyes with one covered by a red heart shaped eye patch on a thin black string. She has orange-red hair styled in two curled pigtails held with a black bow on one, and her black pirate hat with a pink bow on the other. Her bangs are straight cut. She also has two small cowlicks.

Peggy's dress is red and white striped with tassel-like material along the hemline. Her sleeves are red but only mid-way, in which the rest is white and very loose. On top of her dress is a black coat with gold lining and clasps at her chest, revealing a white cravat-like part with a little red bow. She wears red boots, with orange-yellow at the toe and pink straps along the front. She is shown to have a single gold hoop earring.


Peggy's pet is a parrot. She is fuchsia pink with an orange stomach, wings and beak. The tuft of feathers on the top of her head is orange. One eye is a button, while the other is a pink stitched heart eye, similar to Peggy's eye patch. One of her wings is wooden.


Peggy lives in her own hot pink pirate ship! She currently has her ship anchored beside the beach. Her ship's sails are striped and the largest one has a bright heart stitched onto it. It seems up in the crow's nest.


  • September 20th is Talk Like a Parrot Day.
  • Peggy was introduced along with Winter Snowflake.
  • She is the second pirate after Patch Treasurechest.
  • One of her legs is wooden and her parrot has a wooden wing.


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