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Peppyball! is the twentieth episode of Season 2 of the Lalaloopsy™ TV Series. It is the forty-sixth episode overall.


Peppy Pom Poms invents a new sport, called Peppyball, so she can have something big to cheer for. Crumbs tries to make souffle rise.


Peppy has woken up to her blaring alarm, but Pomeranian is still asleep. Peppy calls his name two times, but its no use, so she makes up a cheer about him, shouting into her megaphone. Then she roots for the sun. Pomeranian falls asleep while Peppy explains they can cheer for other people. He's hiding by the pompoms and Peppy wonders if he's listening. He springs up and they are now ready to cheer.

At the lighthouse, Marina and Whale are cleaning the window until Peppy bursts in through the window, chanting a rhyme about Marina. She accidentally drops her pompom in Whale's tank.




  • Jewel's cat appears without her.
  • This is the first episode to premiere in 2015.
  • Despite Peppy's revised doll being released during the previous month, Peppy is in her old form. this is possibly due to it taking place before her new form.