Lalaloopsy Land Wiki

[The episode starts off in Peppy's house, where she is sleeping. Her blaring alarm clock wakes her up.]

Peppy: Ahh...

[Pomeranian is still alseep.]

Peppy: Pomeranian....

Pomeranian: [still asleep]

Peppy: Pomeranian... Pomeranian... [still asleep]

Peppy: I know what'll get him up and at 'em. [breaks out into song.] Pomeranian, you're my pet! I've never seen a cuter one yet! [shouts into megaphone.] YAY POMERANIAN! [catches Pomeranian.]

Pomeranian: [wakes up.]

Peppy: That's the spirit. Isn't it a beautiful day, Pomeranian? Let's hear it for the sun. [throws Pomeranian on bed.] The sun, sun, you're the one! When it comes to warming, you're second to none, yaaay sun! Let's see who else we can cheer for! We can give our friends encouragement, to help them do their very best. Right, Pomeranian? Pomeranian, are you listening? [taps pompom.]

Pomeranian: [barks.]

Peppy: Great spirit, Pomeranian! Now, let's go, go, go!

[scene cuts to Marina's lighthouse, where she and Whale are cleaning the windows.]

Marina: [humming and wiping window.]

Whale: [squirts water on window.]

Marina: Great teamwork, Whale. [continues humming.]

Peppy: [opens window.] Marina's lighthouse is sparkling clean! It's the cleanest place you've ever seen! No one's clean-a than Marina! [throws pompom and drops it in Whale's tank.] Oh no! Sorry Marina, I didn't mean to startle you. I better let you get back to cleaning. Keep up the good work. [stops and realizes she forgot something.] Oh! May I have my pom-pom back, please?

Marina: [takes the pom-pom out of Whale's tank and hands it to Peppy.]

Peppy: Thanks! See you later, Marina.

[Scene cuts to Jewel's Cat in a tree and Ember is trying to rescue it.]

Cat: [meows.]

Ember: Come on, Cat. We do this all the time. You know the drill. Just move a little closer so I can rescue you.

Cat: [blinks and comes closer to Ember.]

Ember: Almost got her.

Peppy: [appears upside down in a tree.]

Ember: Ahhh!

Peppy: Ember, Ember Flicker Flame. Rescuing pets is her claim to fame! Go Ember!

Cat: [meows and climbs back up the tree.]

Ember: Ugh! [groans.]

Peppy: Sorry for interrupting. Ember. I was just trying to cheer you on.

Ember: [looks up at the tree where Cat is high up.]

Cat: [meows.]

Peppy: But looks like I just made your job harder.

Ember: It's okay, Peppy. I know you didn't do it on purpose, but I can take it for here. [climbs up the tree.]

Peppy: [back flips from the tree.]

Pomeranian: [confused and too scared to jump down.]

Peppy: Come on, Pomeranian.

Pomeranian: [bounces down from the tree and into Peppy's pom-poms and then licks Peppy's face.]

[Peppy sits Pomeranian down.]

Peppy: Looks like our cheering isn't helping anybody. But i'm sure we'll someone who needs our encouragement.

[scene cuts to Crumbs' Bakery ,where Crumbs is baking a soufflé.]

[The timer ticks.]

Crumbs: We need to be as quiet as a mouse, or the soufflé's gonna fall again.

Mouse: [chirps.]

Crumbs: Of course, being quiet as a mouse isn't difficult for you, Mouse. I think I've done it this time. This is gonna be the lightest soufflé ever seen in Lalaloopsy Land. Almost done.

Peppy: [bursts in Crumbs bakery and cheers loudly.] Crumbs makes cookies! Crumbs makes cakes! Crumbs is the one who always bakes! Yay, Crumbs!

Crumbs: [gasps.]

[The soufflé flaps.]

Crumbs: Oh... [takes the deflated soufflé out of the oven.]

Peppy: Uh oh. That wasn't supposed to happen, right?

Mouse: [squeaks.]

Crumbs: Right. But it's okay, Peppy. It might have fallen anyway.

Peppy: No, it was my fault. I'm so sorry, Crumbs. At least let me help you clean it up.

Crumbs: That's okay, Peppy. This kitchen's gonna get a lot messier by the time I get my soufflé to rise.

Pomeranian: [bounces on the table.]

Peppy: [gasps and picks up Pomeranian.] Good luck, Crumbs! We'll be rooting for you.

[The scene cuts back to Peppy back in her bedroom]

Peppy: [sighs.] Well, that didn't go the way I planned. I was trying to help with my cheers, but I just messed things up for everybody.

Pomeranian: [yipping.]

Peppy: Thanks, Pomeranian. But how can I cheer up if I don't have anything to cheer for?

Pomeranian: [yips, bounces on Peppy's shelf, bounces on baseball on it's head and puts the baseball in Peppy's trophy.]

Pomeranian: [yipping.]

[The camera zooms in to a picture of Peppy.]

Peppy: That's it! I need to find something else to cheer for. [walks over to Pomeranian.] Something really big and exciting, [takes the baseball out of her trophy.] where everyone's watching, and I can cheer as loud as I want without startling anybody. Like a ball game! I can organize a big sporting event and cheer it with my own cheerleading squad.

Pomeranian: [yipping.]

Peppy: Now I just have to figure out what kind of sport it should be. [throws the baseball on the floor.] Let's see... [she opens the closet and gasps when her sports equipment falls out on top of her.]

Peppy: [giggles.] Football's fast and fun. [throws the football on the bed and Pomeranian bounces.] Ooh, but [picks up the soccer ball with her foot and kicks it in the air a few times.] soccer has so much fancy footwork. [she then headbutts the soccer ball to her bed and the soccer ball whooshes and bounces on her bed.]

Pomeranian: [bounces.]

Peppy: And I just love the sound [grabs the tennis racket and tennis ball.] of a tennis ball hitting the racket. Whack, whack! [giggles and hits the tennis ball to her bed and Pomeranian ducks as the tennis ball whooshes past.] Oh, I just can't decide which sport I love cheering most.

Pomeranian: [yipping.]

Peppy: Great idea! Why do I have to choose just one? I can combine them all into a new sport, and I'll call it Peppy Ball! I can make up the rules and the plays and, most importantly, the cheers! [sing song.] What's the greatest game of all? [normal voice.] I know what. It's Peppy Ball! [bounces up and down.] Yay, [stops bouncing up and down.] Peppy!

Pomeranian: [yipping.]

[The scene cuts back to Crumbs' kitchen where there's batter and dirty dishes everywhere.]

Crumbs: [watches her soufflé in the oven.] Ooh, Mouse, this might be it. The soufflé is looking light and fluffy.

[The soufflé puffs.]

Crumbs: Uh, maybe a little too light and fluffy.

[The soufflé comes out of the oven.]

Mouse: [jumps.]


[The soufflé pours out of the oven.]

Mouse: [slurps the soufflé batter.]

Crumbs: [sighs.] Thanks for cleaning up the mess, Mouse, but i'm not giving up yet.

[The scene cuts back to Peppy's stadium where Peppy gathered Marina, Spot, Peanut and Ember and going over the sport Peppy Ball.]

Peppy: I'm so super excited that you're all game to to try Peppy Ball.

Ember: Sounds like fun, Peppy!

Marina: Yes, how do we play?

Peppy: It's very simple. The field is divided in half by this dotted line. The red team tries to throw the red balls into the red bowls. The yellow team tries to throw the yellow balls into the yellow bowls.

Marina: That is simple.

Peppy: Oh, [grabs a tennis racket and a red ball.] and each team tries to block the other team's [hits the red ball with the tennis racket and catches it.] balls by swatting them away with tennis rackets. Which ever team lands the most balls [hits the red ball with the tennis racket again and catches it.] in their bowl wins.

Peanut: Sounds fun-tastic!

Peppy: And of course, [reveals the pom poms.] I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines to help you play your best.

Marina: So when do we start?

Peppy: We'll have a practice game first. Marina and Ember, you're the red team.

Ember and Marina: [high-five each other.]

Peppy: Spot and Peanut, you're the yellow. No questions? Good, let's go, go, go! [drops her pom poms and blows her whistle]

[The teams get in their positions.]

Peppy: While you practice throwing balls in bowls, [the pets come over with Elephant pulling Whale's tank.] I'm going to practice cheerleading tricks. Line up, Peppy Ball Pet Pep Squad!

Elephant: [stops pulling Whale's tank and trumpets.]

Peppy: Okay, everybody. Let's see the wave.

[A yellow ball flies by.]

Peppy: [blows her whistle.]

[The pets bow down.]

Whale: [bows down and sprays water.]

Peppy: Nice! Now, flip.

[The pets flip while Elephant pull Whale's tank and falls down.]

Whale: [flips and splashes back in the tank.]

Peppy: [blows her whistle.] Good work! Okay, now let's practice the teeter totem formation.

[The pets do what Peppy says by bouncing on and off of the trampoline and then landing on Peppy's head.]

Peppy: Good work, guys. Noe let's-Whoa!

[Peppy falls and the pets bounce off her head on to the trampoline.]

[Pomeranian and Elephant fall in the bushes.]

Whale: [jumps back in it's tank and squeaks.]

[Marina, Peanut, Ember and Spot walk over to Peppy.]

Peppy: Wait, you're done already?

Spot: Yep, game over.

Ember: Peppy Ball's fun, but-

Peanut: It's way too easy!

Peppy: But I didn't even make up a cheer for you yet. If there's one rule of sports, it's that the game has to last long enough to cheer.

Marina: Then why don't we come up with ways to make the game more challenging?

Peanut: [juggles the balls.] It would take longer if we had more balls. I've got lots of balls at home. Big ones, little ones, even beach-ball-sized ones. I'll go get them [dashes off to her house.]

Spot: Why limit ourselves to yellow and red balls when there are so many other colors? [throws the balls] I'll get art supplies. Be right back! [goes to her house to get the art supplies.]

Ember: And if we had more bowls, we could score more points. I bet Crumbs has some extra bowls we can borrow.

Marina: And we need a scoreboard to keep track of the points. Whale would make a terrific scorekeeper.

Whale: [does a flip and splashes back in it's tank.]

Peppy: These are all great ideas. [Pomeranian and Dalmatian hop over to Peppy while Elephant is dragging Whale's tank.] In fact, you've inspired a new cheer already. [cheering.] Marina, Ember, Peanut, Spot. All I can say is thanks a lot!

Pomeranian: [jumps over Elephant's head and jumps on his head.]

Peppy: Spot, Peanut, Marina, Ember

[Zebra and Dalmatian run around with pom-poms.]

Peppy: You're making Peppy Ball [Whale bounces a pom-pom on it's head.] a game to remember! Go, team!

[The scene cuts back to Crumbs' Bakery.]

[In the kitchen bowls and soufflé tins with batter are piled up.]

[knock on door.]

Crumbs: [answers the door.] Hi, Ember. If you've come to rescue my soufflés, it's too late. They're beyond saving.

Ember: [laughing.] Hi, Crumbs. Actually, no. I was hoping I could borrow some bowls. As many as you can spare!

Crumbs: Sure. As you can see, I've got plenty. I just hope you don't mind washing them all.

Ember: No problem. [goes inside and grabs the bowls.]


[Ember then comes out with the bowls and places them in the wheelbarrow.]

Ember: I can just hose them down. [goes insides and grabs more bowl.]


[Ember then comes out with more bowls and puts them in the wheelbarrow.]

Crumbs: What do you need the bowls for?

Ember: It's for Peppy Ball!

Crumbs: What's that?

Ember: We're still figuring it out, but I hope you'll stop by and watch us play later today.

Crumbs: I wouldn't miss it.

Ember: Thanks, Crumbs. See you later.

[some bowls fly out of the wheelbarrow.]

Crumbs: Bye.

[The bowls crash on the ground.]

[The scene cuts to Mouse licking his tongue.]

Crumbs: We did it , Mouse. This one's as light as...

[The soufflé flaps.]

Crumbs: [gasps.] Lead. Ugh. I wish there was something that would make a soufflé rise and stay up.

Mouse: [thinks.]

[inquisitive music.]

[A thought bubble comes up containing Mouse using an air pump on the soufflé.]

[air pump squeaking.]

Mouse: [squeaks.]

[The bubble pops.]

Mouse: [wipes the sweat off his forehead with his tail.]

Crumbs: Oh, well. 59th time's the charm.


[The scene cuts back to Peppy's stadium.]

Ember: [hosing the bowls.]

Peppy: Go, Ember!

Pomeranian: [yipping]

[water rushing]

Peanut: These balls are peppy, all right. [opens the bag and balls come bouncing out]

Spot: [catches a blue ball with a yellow star] And soon, they'll be more colorful too.

[The scene then cuts to Spot painting the balls]

Peppy: Uh, Spot, just one quick question. How are the teams going to know which ball is theirs if all the balls are different colors?

Spot: Way ahead of you, Peppy. That's why I crafted these eye-catching bows. Everyone wears these. They match the colors of the balls of their teams. [gasps]

Zebra: [munching on the bows, gulps, whinnies and then burps]

Spot: [shrugs]

Peppy: Uh, i'm not sure I follow, but keep up the good work. [walks away]


[The scene then cuts to Whale splashing out of the water and putting a question mark on the scoreboard]

Peppy: Your scoreboard scores with me, Marina and Whale. Everyone deserves a cheer for all your hard work.

[The pets make a stack and Peppy runs by the pet stack]

Peppy: Peppy Ball teams, scoreboards and balls, swirly multicolored bowls, and um... Yay, teams! Whoo-hoo!

[Peppy then notices the wind blowing and grey clouds coming]

Peppy: Uh-oh. Those clouds look like trouble. We'd better get this game going before it starts to rain.

[The scene cuts to Peanut's circus where Mouse finds balloons]

Mouse: [boings and pulls the balloons by the string with its mouth]

[The wind then starts to gust and makes the balloons fly with Mouse hanging on]

[Crumbs is in the kitchen mixing batter in a bowl and hears Mouse chirping]

Crumbs: [looks out the window] Hi, Mouse. [continues mixing the batter but then notices Mouse flying away by balloons] Mouse? Mouse! [rushes out the door] Come back! Don't be afraid, Mouse! I'll get you down! [tries to get Mouse down but falls on the ground] [grunts]