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Pillow Featherbed Up All Night is the fourth webisode.


Pillow Featherbed hosts a sleepover and she just wants to sleep, but the others want to stay up.


The webisode begins as the Lalaloopsies are having a pillow fight. Even their pets are having a pillow fight! Pillow announces that she feels sleepy so they should be getting to bed. But the other girls don't seem to agree, stating they wish to stay up.

Pillow doesn't seem to mind, and she starts to drift off. Bea suggests doing exercises in order to stay awake. Mittens tries to keep herself awake by making snowflakes. Pillow also sees how the others keep themselves awake: Crumbs bakes, Peanut juggles, and Jewel claims that she could brush Kitty's fur all night. Meanwhile, Spot is keeping busy with a painting. Pillow wonders if she should read or have a snack, even though her favorite hobby is sleeping.

By then, the other girls have fallen asleep! Happily, Pillow lays down with Sheep to rest as she wishes everyone a good night.


Jewel: "You throw the best sleepovers parties ever, Pillow."

Bea Spells-a Lot : "Don't sleep Pillow, let's do exercises to stay awake!"

Crumbs: "I'm going to cook to keep me awake!"

Jewel: "I going brush Kitty's fur all night! Then I'll never go to sleep!"

Pillow: "It looks like everybody is going to stay up all night!  What do you think we should do, Sheep? Read a story? Have some milk and cookies?"

Peanut: "I am going to stay up all night."

Peanut: "There's no way I will fall asleep while I am jugging."




  • Much like in Peanut Big Top Learns To Ride The Unicycle, this webisode proves that the animals do in fact have legs, even if they're not showing.
  • This may be the only time we see everyone sleeping and Pillow being the last one awake!
  • Everyone wanted to stay awake but Pillow wanted to sleep.
  • Dot Starlight is the only character out of the Original 8 to not appear in this webisode.



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