Pita Mirage is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest genie. She loves granting wishes and playing the flute, even though she only knows one note. Her favorite place to play her flute on her "magic" carpet. Pita is the little sister of Sahara Mirage. Her name comes from the common Arabian food, as well as mirages which are illusions one experiences when exposed to the desert heat for too long!

About Pita


Pita is a tan skinned girl with pale pink cheeks and big button eyes. She has bright pink hair like her sister and wears it in small spiked pigtails at the bottom of her head, with her bangs neatly brushed.

Pita wears an Arabian style outfit consisting of a light gold jumpsuit with puffed legs and small orange spiked lining and a fuchsia belt. Worn over this is a purple velvet vest with short puff-sleeves and orange lining. She also has on fuchsia ankle strap shoes with an orange button and yellow soles. She wears a fuchsia fez with yellow-orange spiked markings going around the center and a tassel.


Pita's pet is a little aquamarine rattlesnake with very small button eyes and nose, a magenta rattle and pink cheeks. Its tongue is a magenta-berry color. It wears a silver hat.


Pita lives with her older sister, Sahara.


  • August 11th is Play in the Sand Day.
  • A "pita" or Arabic bread is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.
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