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Pix E.'s house is where Pix E., Firefly, Twinkle and Baby Firefly reside. It is located on the grasslands of Eastern Lalaloopsy Land.

The house

Pix E.'s house.png

The house looks best at the time just after the sun has set and multiple fireflies have come out. She has many whimsical plants, like curly grasses, giant wild flowers, and colorful mushrooms. Jars of extra pixie dust are scattered on her lawn just in case she needs them in a hurry.

Her home is on top of a tree! It is pink paisley with a roof made of green leaves and has an odd curve on top of it. Her windows are yellow and green, and her front door is blue wood.

Unknown room

Pix E.'s room.png

It is currently the only revealed interior of the house. It is assumed to be the side of either the dining room or the bedroom.

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