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Queenie Red Heart is the greatest ruler of all of Lalaloopsy Land. She loves inviting her friends over for a royal game of croquet, but she also likes to play Solitaire. Her highness is usually a sweetheart, but sometimes she loses her temper as well as her head! Her name is based off the hobby she chose to be, the Queen of Hearts, and the color of the shape she's based on - a heart!

About Queenie


Queenie has fair skin with peach-pink heart shaped cheeks and normal black button eyes. Her hair is a light, pastel pink with curly pigtails composed of three, alternate-sized hearts to match the curly bangs of hair shaped like an upside down heart. A single red bow holds each pigtail, while on her head she wears a gold crown composed of three curly hearts.

Queenie wears a rich, red velvet dress with two pink heart-shaped buttons going down the chest. On each sleeve there are stripes of white, while each cuff is loose with many hearts cut out of the material. Printed on her skirt are many hearts of alternate sizes, with more tiny hearts cut out as lining. Under her main skirt layer is a straight white pleat layer to match the white pleated shawl around her shoulders. Her shoes consist of pink flats with red underneath and a bow and heart-piece at each toe. Also worn are white stockings with three red hearts near the top.


Her pet is a pink flamingo with a white stripe on her beak and a red bow on top of her head. Her wing is shaped like a heart.


Queenie Red Hearts.png

She lives in a white house made of cards with red hearts and a tiara on the roof. A land of cards, Roses and croquet.


  • September 28th is World Heart Day.
  • Her pet is a reference to how the Queen of Hearts played croquet with flamingos as mallets.
  • She is the second Lalaloopsy to have heart shaped cheeks, the first being Toffee Cocoa Cuddles.
  • She is the first Lalaloopsy to have the initial letter Q.
  • She has no socks on in her poster.
  • Her mini does not have socks like her full size doll.