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Rain E. Sky is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest rockstar. She uses rock music to express her daring spirit. She spends all day looking up at the shapes in the clouds, never knowing when inspiration might strike. Rain E. is the younger sister of Storm E. Sky, Cloud E. Sky, and sister of Breeze E. Sky. Her name is a pun on "rainy sky."

About Rain E.


Rain E. is a tan-skinned girl with rosy pink cheeks. Her hair is tied up into purple clouds by dark magenta bows. One of the strands is dyed magenta.

She wears a black and white striped long-sleeved shirt with silver overalls that have lightning bolts on the suspenders. She has a fuchsia frilly skirt with purple and pink striped leggings. She wears black boots with yellow laces and silver at the front.


Rain E. owns a silver rain cloud. It has black dot eyes, a tiny black nose, and wears a magenta bow. The rain cloud seems to sport a sad facial expression, judging by its slanted eyebrows.


Rain E. lives with her older sister, Storm E.


  • Rain E.'s hair mold is identical to Whispy Sugar Puff's.
  • Rain E.'s pet is a recolor of Breeze E. Sky's.
  • Rain E.'s pet rain cloud is called a "Cloud with a Silver Lining," which is a reference to the phrase "every cloud has a silver lining," meaning that everything bad has a good part.
  • She, along with Breeze E. are the only Littles to have more than one sibling.