Mouse and Zebra: (bouncing)

Zebra: (neighs)

Rosy: Worst case of trumpet flower allergy I've ever seen. Is it serious? Very serious. If you don't like loud noises...

Crumbs: Poor Mouse.

Mouse: (rolls over to Crumbs)

Crumbs: Is there a cure?

Rosy: A simple pot of Lala berry tea will have them back to normal in no time. Oh dear, no more lala berries and I'm all out at home.

Spot: I bet Sunny and Berry have some.

Rosy: Good idea, Spot. I'll go check. In the mean time, you two need to rest your voices to prevent any permanent damage. Can you both whisper until I get back?

Mouse and Zebra: (nod)

Zebra: (hops up)

Spot: No, that's not whispering. (whispering) It's more like this.

[Rosy walks out the door]

Crumbs: Hmm. This is gonna take some practice. (gasp) I know I'll host a quiet tea party.That way we can I be quiet together. Will that help?

Mouse and Zebra: (nod)

Zebra: (neighs)

[The scene goes to Jewel's house where she is giving Cat a makeover]

Jewel: Oh, you look fierce, the good kind not the main kind. Sure you won't tell me why you need to get all dressed up?

[Jewel puts a bow on her cat's tail]

Cat: (meows)

Jewel: Okay, but I'll find out sooner or later.

[guitar noise]

Jewel: Aah. Oh not again.

Cat: (puts the tiara on her head with her tail and winks at the mirror)

Jewel: Storm E., will you please be QUIET?!?

Storm E.: Hey Jewel, what's up?

Jewel: Your music is disturbing all of my customers.

Storm E.: Oh, I'm sorry. What customers?

Jewel: Okay, it's disturbing me, but I like to plan ahead and I can't concentrate on helping future customers if I can't hear myself think.

Storm E.: I get that. Being creative does take time to think.

Jewel: So could you please be quiet?

Storm E.(telling an excuse): I could, but I don't want to. This is my creative time of the day. I was just finally getting my jam on.

Jewel: Well I was just getting cats sparkle on and...

Crumbs: Hey guys, you're both invited to my quiet tea party this afternoon. Zebra and Mouse need our help resting their voices so you have to promise to be very, very quiet. Would you like to come?

Storm E.: Sure.


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