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Scarlet Riding Hood is Lalaloopsy Land's most woodsy adventurer. She's a good girl who always takes care of others. She loves wearing red, making new friends, and having picnics in the woods. Scarlet is the older sister of little Cape Riding Hood. Her name comes from another word used for the color red - as well as taking on the nickname given to the storybook character Little Red Hiding Hood who Scarlet is inspired by!

About Scarlet


Scarlet is a light brown skinned girl with pale pink cheeks and black button eyes. She has bright pink hair pulled back into low pigtails with a few loose bangs. Scarlet usually wears a red hood over her head along with a red cape. She wears a red and white dress with a plaid apron and white ruffles and a black vest. She also has on below the knee white socks and red sneaker boots with white laces and soles.


Scarlet's pet is a little gray wolf with bright pink cheeks and a single fang poking out from the right side of its mouth.


Scarlet lives in a small, beautiful cottage over the river and through the woods. Toadstool caps pave the way to her front door. Above her little red door hangs two portraits: one of herself and one of her faithful pet. She often has picnic place settings in the clearing for visitors.


  • May 18th is Visit Your Relatives Day.
  • Her large doll has a bow in her hair instead of a hood.
  • She is often confused with Pepper Pots 'N' Pans