In this minigame you play as Bea Spells-a-Lot's pet Owl. You have to go around collecting the school items she needs before the 3 minutes are up!

A puzzle, adventure game. It can be played on the Lalaloopy website.

Also feel free to check out the Online Games page on the official Lalaloopsy website.


Much like the other Lalaloopsy games, you have a set time and only 3 chances before a Game Over. You must travel around, carefully avoiding obstacles and falling while collecting items. Each level has different items required to win. At the end, you must then locate Bea, who is normally around the last item you got.

  • Level 1 items: Bell, Glue, globe, apple, ruler.
  • Level 2: Green apple, eraser, rubber band ball, pencil, blue crayon.
  • level 3: green crayon, purple notebook, Bell, eraser, Glue
  • level 4: Green fruit, pencil, eraser, apple, ruler