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Spot Splatter Splash is the most artistic resident of Lalaloopsy Land. She's a master with a paint brush and doesn't hesitates to express herself through her art. Though a little strange compared to her friends, she never fails to make her friends smile with her silly masterpieces. Spot is the older sister of little Scribbles Splash. Her name is based off of her messy methods of creating art - a splash of color here and a splatter of paint there!

About Spot


Spots Pattern.png

Spot Splatter Splash has a brown skin color and rosy pink cheeks. Her eyes are the common black buttons. Spot's hair is amber and is always styled up in pigtails held with scarlet red bows. Her bangs are the common wrap type.

Spot wears very colorful attire, consisting of a scarlet red and white striped shirt with small puff sleeves and collar, underneath a white overall dress with scarlet red buttons at each strap and a triangle pocket in the center. A single scarlet red stripe goes around the ruffles at the hem of her dress, along with a scarlet red tulle layer with small white polka dots. On her dress are many sky blue paint blotches. Spot also has on knee length white and scarlet red socks and matching boots with sunshine yellow sole and toe.


Spot's pet is a zebra who loves to play and paint as much as Spot does! It is white with scarlet red stripes with magenta hair and a tail. It has white rings over its black button eye and spots of turquoise blue paint on its body.



  • October 25th is International Artist Day & Picasso's birthday.


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