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Squiggles N' Shapes is Lalaloopsy Land's most renowned clay artist! She's a bit of a blank slate but when she gets an idea she can't wait to start coloring, only she can't seem to color inside the lines. Her name is based off of how you make your clay sculptures in squiggly shapes.

About Squiggles


Squiggles has freckles and pointy hair with a bow in the middle. She wears a white and black-trimmed dress that looks like Trace E.'s with a bow in the middle. Her boots are striped all down it.


Squiggles has a white, pink, and orange butterfly.



  • January 31st is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.
  • Squiggles was introduced along with Trace E. Doodles.
  • Her name is sometimes spelled as Squiggles N. Shapes.
  • Squiggles and Trace E.'s descriptions are switched on their boxes.
  • Her colored stock photos occasionally show her wearing a bracelet.
  • She is the only Lalaloopsy with white eyes so far.
  • She was sewn like the other dolls, but in the animated series, she was a sculpture Spot made which magically came to life.


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Click here to view the gallery.