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Sticks Boom Crash is Lalaloopsy Land's own drummer! She always walks to the beat of her own drum. She loves being in a band with her friends but sometimes prefers to play solo. Her name comes from drum sticks, as well as the boom and crash of the cymbals!

About Sticks


Sticks is light brown-skinned with black button eyes and very pale pink cheeks. She has curly blonde hair composed of three large curls; one worn on top of the right side of her head, held with pink drumsticks, and two to the left side of her head, with a pink and black drum on top. She wears a plain white T-shirt under a denim vest and a hot pink tutu skirt with a gold chained belt and a black waist band. She wears hot pink fingerless gloves and her shoes are fuchsia hi-tops with white toe and bottoms to match her white tube socks.


Sticks has a pale pink turtle with black button eyes. For a shell, it has a pastel blue drum with pastel yellow colorings on the top and bottom. Tied around its head is a fuchsia cloth.




  • October 10 is Hug a Drummer Day.
  • She has a turtle because she walks to a steady drumming beat.
  • She is the only band member who doesn't have a large doll.


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