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Storm E. Sky is Lalaloopsy Land's coolest musician. Sometimes, she can be a little misunderstood because of her 'stormy' attitude. She loves to practice her guitar and rock out with her pet cat. Storm E. is the sister of Cloud E. Sky and the littles Breeze E. Sky and Rain E. Sky. Her name is a play on words from "Stormy Sky".

About Storm E.


In Lalaloopsy Girls, Storm E. has tan brown skin with magenta lips and carnation pink cheeks. She has long violet purple hair worn in pigtails with violet streaks through it. She wears a glittery magenta bow on the top of her head.

Her outfit consists of a silver jacket over a black and white striped top, and a black two layer tutu skirt made of tulle. She also has black boots with purple laces; one of which is untied, and wears tights of violet purple and magenta pink stripes.

In the Netflix Series, Storm E. has amethyst purple hair tied up in two high buns resembling clouds with a small hot pink streak running through her bangs. She retains the glittery bow from Lalaloopsy Girls.

Her new outfit is almost identical to the one from Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to L.A.L.A. Prep School, with the only exceptions being a different style jacket and a carnation pink tutu instead of a black one.


Storm E. has an amethyst-colored cat with: a black tuft of hair; a jagged tail resembling a lightning bolt; and a pale pink nose, cheeks, and inner-ear. Around the neck is a purple (yellow in the Netflix series and 10th-anniversary release) collar with a lighting bolt-shaped ornament.



"Hey. My name is Storm E. Sky, and I was made from wisps of a rain cloud. I’m the newest member of L.A.L.A. Prep. I’m still getting to know everyone… sometimes. I can be a little misunderstood. My pet cat knows me the best. I love to practice my guitar and rock out together. My first new friend is Cloud E. Sky. She's cool, but she keeps trying to convince me that unicorns are real." - Storm E. Sky


  • July 29th is Rain Day.
  • She, along with her sisters, are the only Lalaloopsies to have more than one sibling.
  • Storm E. never had a classic large doll or mini doll release until 2021, when she was finally given a classic large doll form.
  • In her 10th-anniversary house packaging, Storm E. owns a poster and album from a band called "The Ric Racs."
  • She is the only spin-off character (excluding the Mini Lalaloopsies) to be integrated into the core doll line.